Let's go back in time to Africa, pre-white-man. I'm pretty sure no one had a Bible of filth and lies. Let's conclude the concept of, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em".

In 'Murica, stupid niggers were being beaten by Christ-loving crackas. Stupid niggers were also being persuaded into joining the same religion that justified beating them by being told they'd be "saved" if they submitted to their masters and accepted their fate. Flash-forward to today, Stupid Niggers became what they despised, attempting to argue the pathetic White Man's religion against them by also stating they're part of the same ********. This generation of pathetic halfwits actually care whether or not Jebus was actually white when no intelligent person gives a flying ********.

This concludes what it takes; religions take pride in being the "grand statistic" when they've been forcefully abusing and beating every 'dissident' and 'infidel' that dares question their childish fairy-tales with their acrobatic-logic attempting to justify their own stupidity. Thankfully, when certain White Supremacist nutters tell the tale of the Niggers' low IQ, we can conclude that, due to none of the stupid, abusive niggers ever being seen without a ******** cross around their necks or tattooed on their forearm that it can be seen exactly who is the culprit in their baggy-pants, stupid-s**t behavior.
I love how the ******** are so convoluted they actually think every argument against them is that of "negativity", when the only abusive halfwits are them. You know what it generally takes to be a self-righteous Christ-douche; "I deserve heaven, cuz I'm so much better than all these people. I've lost faith in humanity, but have gained faith in Jebus."

That is their whole game in a nutshell. They even have platitude-infested catchphrases to go with their "trust no one but yourself" behavior. "Corinthians X, John X - X". Oh yay; maybe, just maybe, if you guys didn't justify destroying everything which spoke about your b***h-puss "God" in a "negative" light, I might be able to find that same catchphrase used prior to that, but no, you're so weak-willed you "need" God to even force yourself out of bed in the morning.

It's ironic the claims of God being "immaterial" when people ask for proof of its existence, because this cop-out argument disobeys even proving God is "immaterial" in the first place. Anti-matter was apparently proven to exist, which completely negates the concept of materialism's "belief" of "only matter exists". That's sad as ******** s**t, isn't it? The cop-out-riddled, ******** Christians can only attach themselves to, "Hurr, materialist scum" every time you say something to their weak-willed asses, even though the existence of "not-material" was proven...

I'm still thoroughly sick of you, you know that?