In the year 2200 the Human race expanded into the stars. They had colonies on many planets in different parts of the universe. Any planet that was able to inhabit life or had the easiest ability to terraform into a planet that could in turn make life habitable. The realm of man grew very large and the human race called itself the Earth Alliance Empire, ruled by a royal family and the Empress. For 700 years these colonies, and the technology improved to a height never seen by man before. But in that time frame, the royal family became more and more selfish. They chose to focus only on the home world of Earth and the few neighboring planets that held life, like Mercury and Mars. But of course that meant the other 12 colony planets were being forgotten. And instead of trying to make things better for the planets to gain their loyalties, the EAE decided instead to impose harsh government restrictions and levies, and taxes. It was brutal. So rebellion...was bound to happen.

The United Alliance of Free People, or UAFP rose up to fight against the empire. These people of course had a hard time. They had to use hit and run tactics to attack the Empire security checkpoints on planets just to gain a leg up. Then they took transport vessels and merchant ships and turned them into war ships. They added some armor to the ships and added some cannons but they were still just merchant and civilian ships. The Empire's presence was so small in the outer fringe worlds that it was easy for the rebellion to grow and expand before the Empire could even do anything about it. The next 100 years after their uprising and they had their own space stations, and were starting to build up their own battleships. But let us not forget the theme of this story. The most mechanized way of warfare used. They were called Certified Robotic Optics and Strategic Service unit. or CROSS unit. They were mech's. Each mech could fit one pilot and it was a large extension of their own body. They were basically robots that could be piloted, each one the size of a two story building. They came with extra thrusters for movement at top speeds in space, came with high velocity missiles, particle cannon rifles, and plasma swords. They existed for both sides and sometimes they were the single deciding factor in a battle.

Of course while the Empire had the brand knew CROSS units, the Rebels had to use older mechs until they could process and build their own, which they were currently working on. The CROSS units were divided into three categories. Vipers, which had medium armor, speed, and simple weapons they were the basic mech unit. Then you had Gorilla mechs. They were large, with heavy plating and heavy weapons, but slow to move. And of course you had the Puma Model. It was lightly armored, but given extra sensors and extra thrusters for maximum speed and excellent control. Only the best pilots could handle Gorilla's and Puma's.

So this was the universe that the people were born into. The war has been raging for 100 years but only now, as the Empire finally sent its own fleet into the Rebellion controlled territories, striking at colonies and slaughtering millions of innocent people just to get the attention of the Rebellion fleet and its CROSS units.

That was when the 320'th Naval Rebellion Fleet set out from Nevedia. It carried three rebellion battleships, two carriers, and a dozen merchant war vessels. It was a small fleet but it was one to test out the capabilities of this empire fleet. Assigned to the capitol carrier among the fleet, known as "Calidria" was a simple unit of CROSS mechs. Each squadron of CROSS mechs were separated into 6 mechs, one leader and 5 subordinates. These squadrons were called Packs. Like an animal pack, which made sense considering their mechs were named after animals.

But there was one Pack. Wolf Pack. They were the best. Recently awarded medals of courage based on the fringe world battle where factions warred against each other, the Wolf Pack managed to destroy three enemy battleships and two dozen CROSS units, with just the six of them. Their piloting skills were the best, and their leader Michael King, ranked Lieutenant Commander, also nicknamed the Midnight Swordsman, was their leader and he himself was the one to destroy those three destroyers single-handedly while his Pack took out the rest of the CROSS units. They were here, willing to help and provide support. Lt. Commander King was an up and comer, he had a kill rate of 62 CROSS mechs destroyed by his plasma blade, he was the only CROSS pilot who had killed that many mechs, either remaining Imperial forces still in this part of the universe or against factions that didn't want to join the rest of the rebellion and wanted to join the Empire.

(So for this story, I'm looking for a female to play as his wing man, his second in command of his Pack, also seeing him as a rival. Romance is a given between the two and basically this is a role play as they traverse through the war and witness things, take place in things, and raise through the ranks. It's open to anything.)