Are you a homeowner in Harrisburg, York or Reading, PA who wants to save on your energy costs, have less glaring and save your carpet, furnishings or delicate artwork from the damaging rays of the sun? Think about tinting your windows!

Adding window tint film could slash glare by 70%-80% and UV ray vulnerability as much as 99%. This keeps carpet, furniture, and delicate art from discoloration and premature wear. Plus, keeping out the sunlight offers other good benefits too -- you'll lower your cooling bill in the summertime by keeping a lot of the heat from the sun from shining into your home.

Sun Limits LLC can install Harrisburg tint for your house, and nearby areas, so don't wait, contact us today!!

When researching the energy efficiency features of window tinting, 2 major specs to consider are reflection and absorbing capabilities. The greater the reflective quality of the window covering, the greater heat blocking will result.

There are a lot of choices of window tinting covers for all the windows in your house near Lancaster, with varying color and finish options. Some of the finishes are comprised of reflection, fine gloss and tinting. People can choose a finish that enhances the style or architectural elements of any home. Options of color are charcoal, bronze, gray, silver and copper.

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