Loredas 2nd of frostfall

After becoming the leader of the companions, having some battles against ghost and wolf spirits and other several jobs in the companions, I decided to take a well deserved rest, Yes I was still the Hardbinger of the companions and some of the jobs I pass along to them, but I was mainly working as a blacksmith with Arienne and Earlund Grey Mane both a simple forge and skyforge, I did went out to explore and to get ingredients to make weapons, armor and jewelry, even enchanted some items as well.
After a while the Companions needed me a lot less, I guess they dont really needed me that much to begin with. That`s fine, but eventually the jobs skip mevand I grew bored and impatient. eventually in my travels to get some items for blacksmithing in Riften, I came across and argonian woman. She told me to help her with a healing potion or she would lose her job, she was probably high on skooma
next thing I know Im battling a skooma dealer in some cave in the rift now ending the distribution of skooma for a while. That was fun.

But now onto my biggest adventure yet,

Im to be married to Ria, In my travel to Riften, I manage to buy myself an amulet of Mara, Wich seems to get women interested in marriage interested in you...so its rather fast courtship and I know the woman Im to marry. Ria,

aah that lovely newbie companion girl with the strong arm and beautiful war paint... anyhoo, Its been settle, She was really interested in me the moment I show up with my Mara amulet and was surprise I wasnt spoken for, So she and I got hitched, now Im on my way to the temple to tell the priest to prepare