I used to be fortunate to get started on my business career in 1978 having a wonderful company operating out of North park. The corporation was Home Federal Savings and Loan and my timing could not are already better when i joined throughout the peak growth years for your S&L business. It turned out a time when S&Ls were progressively more bank-as with the arrival of ATMs and checking accounts something theretofore was the private domain of business banks. Because the S&Ls were gaining new expertise and powers we were holding also growing by leaps and bounds and that meant they needed more managers. Home Fed's management training course was the most effective around and I was part of it once i graduated from college.

One of many tremendous great things about being a member of the management exercise program was that Home Fed invested a lot of money in bringing in outside trainers. Extremely popular 1970's these "trainers" weren't yet famous but looking back I had been fortunate to get received live training in the likes of Ken Blanchard of just one Minute Manager fame, Chester Karrass, the negotiating skills guru and Frank Abignale, the first sort con artist who's biography appeared into a movie, Catch Me If You Can, which starred Leonardo Di Caprio.

The training was terrific and I can remember being all charged up afterwards telling myself that we would definitely use everything I had just learned inside the workshop. Predicament? If you are already to a motivational seminar or any kind of educational seminar you probably experienced a similar positive consequences. With my case, the seminars were free. If you purchase seminars and workshops more often than not you immediately think that you got your money's worth then again what are the results? You get back or time for a cubicle and reality sets in. Those same challenges which were there ahead of the seminar remain and even though you learned some new ways to handle them in the seminar there is no one around to hold you accountable or reinforce the new learnings.

That has been larger than fifteen my first employer made and the same mistake a lot of companies make today. In fact, it really is what is wrong generally training programs. There's no accountability. Home Fed gave us an awesome gift as training as a result of many of the most talented teachers. But they fell short because there was clearly no reinforcement afterwards. There were no-one finding its way back to us and ensuring that we had arrived implementing the equipment that we learned in those workshops. The was no emotional support. The attitude was, "OK folks, take what you learned and go get 'em!" We are all for self-improvement and i also consider myself to get fairly disciplined but perhaps the most disciplined corporate executive requires a coach, mentor, Master Mind group or some other trusted advisor to be sure the development takes place. Otherwise, left to the own devices, we recidivate into our routines or comfort zones, if you will. Courtesy: San Diego Seminars Trainings