Are you a professional box lifter? Do you have the skills necessary to alphabetically categorize these boxes you're lifting? How many years of experience in alphabetically organizing these boxes do you have?

This is the general behavior of people who have experience in simple-minded tasks: "I have experience in a field that takes 5 minutes to learn, and the amount of time spent doing this field makes me more likely to "win" in [Situation X]."

Are you experienced in hunting? You could watch a video on YouTube about how to do this: Grab pointy object and stab something. How many years of experience do you have doing the same thing that takes 10 minutes?

Peeps actually act like someone has to do one of these simpleton-level tasks before they allow you in their circle-jerk of "mine haz shurvival shkillsh". "Prove to me you can do this. You can't. *Pride Face*"

You know, "it's so easy a caveman can do it." I need to start reiterating this phrase popularized and ironically killed off by those old Geico commercials. In fact, it's so easy the uneducated tribes in Africa can do it. Hey, there's a video of an 8-year-old in Syria smoking a cigarette while holding a gun. It doesn't look that ******** hard to do anymore, does it, Mr. Pride Face?

See, having "experience" with a gun means you spent ******** knows how long standing there, wasting ammo shooting at ******** knows what off and on for ******** knows how many years. It only took you 5 minutes of handling the god damn thing to know how to do this "strenuous" and oh-so-difficult task of being "experienced" in gun shootingz. Congratz, I'd offer you a cookie if you weren't already so luxuriously overpaid in your task of talking to people and lifting boxes, sometimes with a machine that took 5 minutes to learn the controls of and 5 minutes to get the hang of it.

Overzealous tards in this country treat their mind-numbing, simple tasks with such pride and fervor with unnecessary terminology such as, "I haz experiensh in dis field." This doesn't ******** prove anything. You know what I haz "experience" in; learning simple-minded tasks in 5 minutes or less.

Uneducated blacks from the ghetto can fire a gun; not hard.
Uneducated rednecks from southern USA can fire a gun; not hard.
Uneducated conservatives with "experience pride" from everywhere can fire a gun; not hard.
Uneducated liberals with "I don't even know" from everywhere can fire a gun; not hard.

You know what other "shurvival shkill" sets there are that are so easy even someone as stupid as you can do it; fishing, gathering, farming and playing with yer d**k. ******** knows dem uneducated black slaves from 'Murica did a better ******** job than your dumb asses did at farming. Oh, but you "hard workers", please don't try to play with yer d**k before you hurt yourselves.

This ******** s**t right here is not ******** hard to do. I don't ******** care how much time you've spent at your "been here fer 5 years, experience out the a**" field of expertise. That is one of those strange artifacts of mythological lore, isn't it; the idea that only people with "expertise" they got out of a Cracker Jack box know how to survive and no one else does.