Glory of the Dead

The whole town is gloomy and there is a dark cloud over the sky, about to rain. Even the skyes are crying for the lost of Kodlack. Before going to skyforge I went to buy myself some good spirits, got myself some honnigbrew mead in honor of Kodlack, The finest of the stablishment, Some guy name Sam try to get me into a drinking contest but I was not in the mood for that tonight. He probably just wanted to get some sip of the good drink i just bought,
I left with enough botttles for the circle and went straight to the Skyforge. There it was decorated and lots of people stood around infront of it, Even the Jarl and his advisor where there, the whole lot of the companions and the servants of Jorrvaskr, Earlmund was still there too, The remaining members of the circle were at the front, I took off my helmet to pay my respects and boldly walk to the front between Farkas and Aela, So the ceremony begin and Aela lit the fire. As the flames when up I started to remember the moment we met and look up at the sky, where a drop of water feel to my face, almost making it look like I was crying, I gave a small laugh as I may be the way inside, both skjor and kodlack are gone, what of the companions now. Aela then asked the circle to go to the underforge to say their goodbyes, but before I could follow them
Grey mane intercepted me, asking me if I had the pieces of Wuutlad, I told him yes and he could take them, he was preping to fix it, also told me that there was one piece Kodlack keep close to him , it was probably in his chambers now.

So I went to his chambers to get that piece as he requested...there I found his journal, I was curious about what he wrote on the last day of his life, What will be like my final entry on this journal, It would seem me and him had more in common that what I belived.

as I read the last entry, I started to read back a couple of days more and more back then I read in order, It would seem that Kodlack had a dream about me before we even met, A dream of him in Savangard and destiny and the course of the next harbinger, that perhaps I will be the next Harbinger and how we both battle a great wolf spirit before he is dragg to the hunting grounds of Hircine, And how Tsun becomes him to the Savangard hall of heroes.
its like his spirit has a choice of the afterlife, This is too much and yet Im smilng a bitter smile, so I take another sip of honnigbrew mead,

such a shame I would of also love to chat more with you Kodlack,
We shall see each other in the next life.
So I return to Earlund with the final piece and then go to the underforge. There is a disccusion between everyone about the way we honor Kodlack looking to be clean of the wolf blood, That there is a way if we get to the true tomb of Ysgramor where all the harbingers await the call,

then the problem to get to that tomb is taht we need wuutlad to open it and its been torn to pieces for centuries. But then to our surprise Grey mane interrupted and he showed up that weapon restore to its former glory, He gave it to me as the one that brought the pieces, should be the one to carry the weapon back to the glory of battle and thus we headed toward Ysgramors tomb.

going up north the plains turn to more of valleys and mountains, the green and brown of the land is replace by white snow and cold air. Im still getting used to this cold of skyrim, but atleast the armor is keeping me warm as well as some of the ale I took. Soon all I see is white and snow, a storm comes over and it makes it hard to ride but on we go, Soon Im faced against ice wraith, all by myself and my horse, then up north where not a soul is seen its only us two versus a pack of wolfs with an ice wolf and a snow bear, That battle was tedious and I wish I could of trap their souls in my gems, but I ran out of empty gems.
We carry on our treck, Im alone no more companions to have my back they are probably either ahead of me or behind.

I made it to the tomb marked on my map, I dont see Aela or the rest of the circle.
I ll wait for them inside, away from the cold elements, I go inside they are already waiting for me, perhaps my battles on the way there and my lack of knowledge of the land made me lose more time than I had expected. As I go inside Vilkas talks that I should be careful in this tomb, for its the tomb of Ysgramor and his most trusted generals, They will be expecting us to test if we are ready.
He however wont go with us, his heart grieves and his mind is clouded, not suit for battling, Very well, the rest of us continue...

By the 9 and the other 3 breton divines, They were not kidding, this are not Draud as I was expecting old nords mummified remains, living corpses, but actual ghost spirits transparent but in their former glory as they were alive, Its an eerie battle but I manage to go on, Im actually crossing steel with a ghost, what madness of an adventure was this, I can kill a ghost again with a steel sword,
We manage to take down 2 of them and a big door awaited us. SO I open it and felt like this door had not moved in centuries. Then as I did I look above a room with lots of coffins around and soon after out of the coffins, or more like through them, the spirits came forth and came to attack us. After that battle and another wave of spirits we came to one door wrapped in spiderweb, Falkas said he hated the damn things and was more than done with them, so he went back to his brother and wanted me to give his regards to Ysgramor. The moment is here finally another just Aela and me moment.

after Some time of starting some chit chat and battling ghost and frost spider.we came to a gate, I pulled the chain to open the thing and down the stairs we go and into another battle of spirits and so on for other 2 or 3 chambers.

Aela and I finally reach some stairs into a chamber and there its one blue flame in the middle of this one and just a couple of steps beyond a spirit, the Spirit of Kodlack trying to warm himself in this blue flame. He greets me and tells me there is a bunch of other Harbingers around him trying to warm themselves on this fire and avoid Hircinne. I dont see none of them and explains me that is cause only my heart knows Kodlack as the companion hardbinger, old Vilgnar could probably see a dozen of them in this chamber. After some chat is time to do what we came here, Kodlack tells me to throw the head of the witch in the blue fire. and so I do, Then the magic is release and to our surprise. This other spirit started to appear from kodlack, although kodlacks spirit glow was a ting of blue this other creature was red and then it turn into a big wolf spirit, I attack the thing and Aela helped, finally It was dead and I spoke to the spirit of Kodlack, Then he told me I was to lead the companions now. Aela hear this and seem surprise but happy to adress me as the new Hardbinger. Thats something that took us all for surprise..

SO this is how to cure oneself of this curse...very well time for me to say goodbye to my beast as well.

After some time to look at this place after all is the tomb of Ysgramor and rest my bones I tossed the other head of the witch in the flames and soon my after my wolf spirit came forth, it had an eeire blue tint unlike kodlacks, it actually look more like a conjured familiar but 2 times the size of the one I conjure and he was hungry for my flesh, I attack him with everything I had and manage to defeat him...Im cured the mind is clearer, the smells are gone. And I cant turn into a wolf anymore. Time to go back to Jorrvaskr triumphantly.