Imagine an island where your sister dates your teacher or your best friend marries Beyoncé! An island where people can worship bowls of clotted cream! An island where everyone mandatorily sings musicals and metal when asked! An island where your father is forced to learn ballet! That is Tomodachi Life!

First and foremost, I'd like to make a shoutout to a special group of people on Gaia who were willing victims participants in my Tomodachi life playthrough so far! It's been a lot of fun!

In this game, you run an island that you can name. You are also the landlord of an apartment with vacant rooms. You first make your look-alike character and from there, you populate your island. You can make Miis of your friends, family, and whoever else you want to have on your island. You can make characters like Sailor Moon be the next-door neighbor to Pharrell and Princess Zelda. Your islanders are limited only to your imagination. From there you can watch as your island’s inhabitants interact with each other, some becoming friends. Some will make tons while some will barely make friends. They’ll work, play games, and even fight each other. They can even fall in love with each other, break up, and even start a family. Of course, you have some control over who dates whom, but you can always just let them find their OTP on the island. You can dress them however you like, feed them whatever you want, and even make them say what you want! Either way, you'll play the game everyday watching as your islanders live their lives. Don't forget, marriage leads to children which makes the experience more fun…and creepy.

Overall this game is extremely charming. It has a lot of comedy and fun that makes it simple enough to pick up and get started, but more entertaining just to see the level of ridiculousness it can get when your best friend is running off with Kanye West to get hitched or watching Princess Peach fighting your Mother for a stuffed toy. What makes Tomodachi Life truly amusing is watching the Miis of the people you know do ridiculous things! Though I will admit that not everyone will find it as fun as I did, there's a strong level of enjoyment that comes from this game. But again, half of the fun is involving those you know. Throwing together random fictional characters are fun too, but lack the sort of comedy that comes from your real life acquaintances

Keep in mind that Tomodachi Life is like an iPhone game. There’s no real gameplay as you do not control the Miis on the island nor can you initiate any event. You must wait for the Miis to do so via random number codings. Of course this sets up for certain characters to initiate a lot of friend events meaning that some will level up faster and gain more friends. At the same time, you'll get millions of the same items and see the same dream sequences while others you won't see for weeks. Minigames are repetitive and are seldom rewarding unless you're trying to make money. It's not a game to play for long periods of time and is more of a 30 minute game at most per session before things become boring. I can hardly say if it's worth the $35 tag it is currently going for as I feel it's more of a $20 one. Nevertheless, perhaps to secure some of the exclusive SpotPass items, maybe you could justify the extra $15 somehow.

However, deep down, many will enjoy this game. If you think the game looks interesting and fun, it most likely will be. If you don't, then most likely you're right. It's one of those, "judge-by-your-gut" games for now considering the price.

Nonny’s Rating: 7.5/10. Tomodachi life is a quirky game. Though it lacks gameplay depth, you'll find the experience to be hilarious and deep. It is certainly a game I support, but not recommend to everyone.

Nonny’s Tip: I really got no tips for this game. Have fun, your experience should be fun for you to enjoy your own way.