Day One:

Hello! This is day one since I've set myself up a work schedule. I currently only have planned to write an hour a day in two thirty minute intervals. My goal was originally 250 words a day, but in one thirty minute block I managed to pen (technically pencil... I hate pens and I hate typing) 252 words. If I can keep a steady pace with my writing, I may require myself to write at least 250 words per session. Maybe I'll increase that further as time goes on... Maybe I'll just add more sessions. We'll just have to see!

So far today I've only written the 252 words. I missed my first session for today, but I'm sure I'll make it up later tonight. With this session, I've managed to finish chapter four of Cast Away, and page 33 is completely blank and waiting ever so patiently to be vandalized next.

I was reluctant and kind of resenting having to put myself on a schedule. In fact, I even wanted to just hit dismiss on my alarm that I have set, but whenever I finally sat down with my notebook and started writing--it was fairly slow at first because it's been so long--I began scribbling like a madwoman as words and more words came to me with pictures in my head. I was so happy just to hit the 100 mark after 15 minutes. After I got going, I didn't want to stop, but a new chapter was the perfect time to rest. I'm glad I didn't stop when my alarm went off again thirty minutes later but instead kept going a minute or two longer to finish. I was so ecstatic to have gotten far. 252 words... Yeah, it might not seem like much, but a new chapter with a change of scenery and new ideas to quickly write out is always a huge milestone for me and is bound to get me out of my little rut.

Goodbye depression, and hello progress!