Window blinds have long been a commonplace item in the home. They have both aesthetic and economical advantages for homeowners who want to make their house more beautiful and keep the cost of air conditioning and heating as low as possible. People who live in homes with large windows will notice a significant change in their electric bill after installing motorized blinds into the residence and leaving them down during the day to block out sunlight. Sunlight pouring in through the windows can greatly increase the temperature inside the home causing the air conditioning unit to run at a higher rate for a longer period of time. This isn't ideal, especially for people who aren't even at their residence during the daytime.

In addition to the economical advantages, blinds also give the home an added sense of privacy and security. Blinds aren't the same as curtains. Curtains are generally cloth fixtures hanging over the window whereas blinds cover the window more fully. Venetian blinds and vertical blinds have the perfect balance between privacy and allowing in natural light. These blinds can be adjusted to allow natural lighting into a room and then easily changed to block out sunlight and give the room a more private feeling. Both options are easy to maintain and clean whereas some curtains need to be dry-cleaned in order to avoid damage.

Blinds come in a wide variety of materials. Some options can even be cheaper than curtains. Curtains that claim to have "sunlight blocking" or "blackout" properties can be easily expensive, especially if the homeowner wants the curtains to have an elegant design or durable material that won't fade easily. On the other hand, blinds can be both sophisticated in appearance and relatively affordable. Blinds that are made with faux wood instead of real wood, for example, can easily save homeowners money and make the room look more stylish. Blinds are created using plastic, metal (such as aluminum), bamboo, and other materials to keep the price low and the appearance lovely. These durable, adjustable options are excellent for people who have pets that might enjoy sunbathing near windowsills.

Consumers might want to research online shopping portals for blinds in addition to looking at local retailers. One online option, Blinds Shop Online (cheap blinds), not only offers a listing of window blinds options, they also have guides on how to appropriately measure a window's frame and general information regarding how to find out more about blinds. This Australia-based company delivers across the country and can help consumers save money through their installation guides. Often times, the installation cost for blinds is greater than the atual cost of the product.