If there existed a playbook that can teach you all the tricks and tips to seduce any woman what would that be worth to you? the game book for men written by Neil Strauss is said to be that book. The Game Neil Strauss is not just any book it is an exclusive peek into the underworld of seduction and an in-depth look into the world of seducing women.

How Men Benefit

Although written in 2005, The Game Book still presents an alluring opportunity to get closer to women that many men will pay top dollar for. However, present day tactics offer a more holistic approach, thus the demand for dating coaches. As the name implies, a dating coach is someone who coaches you on the right and wrong ways of dating. More and more people are turning to websites like The Game Book for this type of training because it is effective. Moreover, you can learn how to feel good in your skin and how to expect more from your dating experience.

A dating coach is beneficial for both men and women alike because you are never too old to learn new ways of doing things better, especially in the dating world.

How Women Benefit from Reading The Game Book

A woman can gain the upper hand by reading The Game Book because she learns the plays that some men use when they are on the prowl. She will also learn a little about herself in the process. If sincere about gaining insight about herself, she would then see why many of these tricks work. More often than not, these plays or strategies play on a woman's low self-esteem or her need to be noticed.

Instead of being upset or viewing this book as underhanded tricks, a woman with the help of a dating coach can take these examples and build on her own self worth. She will learn to honor herself first so as to attract a man who is worthy of her rather than settling for any guy with a good pickup line.

Most people would agree that dating is complicated. Nevertheless, the Game Book and other resources such Manic Workshops offer that rare opportunity for self reflection that is needed if you expect to be successful in your relationship. However, If you are only out to score this book may help but lasting results of a fulfilling relationship will elude you.