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Welcome to Evil's Journal

Evil A
Community Member
DWAH Fanfic Intro
The journey started in the most bizarre of board room meetings perhaps. CEO Hideki Mishima was conducting the affairs of Evil Enterprises as usual. It was sometime in early Fall perhaps during the quarterly meeting to see how business was doing, and what acquisitions could be added to the corporation’s long line of conquered rivals. Evil A was in attendance for the first time in several years and seemed dead set on presenting a plan to move operations into a new realm. She was back from either a recent expedition or a long period of conducting research in her private labs inside the headquarters of Evil Enterprises. No one could really keep track of where she may have really been as she is a master of stealth and intrigue among many other talents. One would think this was nothing new for the multi-realm conglomerate and its real leader for though the CEO was not Evil it was clear she had much more influence in matters than Hideki Mishima… The other board members were Mozart Mistress, Sergeant Dante, and Kris. #2 Ninja was in attendance of the meeting as well. He was Evil A’s most trusted associate even though his true name has never been disclosed in corporate files. He was perhaps the second most important individual in the meeting for he had knowledge of where Evil wanted to take the corporation next. He had personally led the scouting of the land of D’Wah’Iia to assess the potential of a paramilitary operation being launched in what has been dubbed The Mystic Lands.

The others were quiet as Mishima starts with the usual summary of operations. He was about to conclude so Evil could present her case for expansion.

"Now as you can see our numbers have increased due to our new holdings though we have had to increase the size of our ninja clone army yet again to deal with the new load. Overall, it was still beneficial to gain the new land, and therefore a new market," Mishima said. "We all know none of this matters as much as the true objectives of Evil Enterprises as a front for Evil's continual push for greater influence outside of her home domain. More influence allows us to bring forth more chaos. Tis a win for the corporation and the underlying motives of Evil. She has something to present on as I conclude. Any questions on the current placement of Evil Enterprises this quarter?"

"Are there any noobs to be eaten from these new lands?" Kris asked. "The Great Devourer requires tribute to continue to work here... you all know the arrangements Evil made to bring me aboard."

"Certainly, such arrangements have been made to keep you well fed," Evil chimed in. "Now, do we have any real questions before I begin?"

"I take it you have read over my latest report before you prepared your presentation," #2 Ninja pointed out.

"Yes, for I do like being informed before I present," Evil said. "Preparation must come before anything, even well placed chaos."

"Very good," #2 Ninja replied.

The other two board members remained silent waiting to hear what Evil had to say. They were all too aware that the decision to be made at the meeting has already been made. It was just a matter of Evil playing up the charade of the corporation that brought them together though it had its perks. It was better than fighting Evil... and she compensated them all very well.

"Alright, what we have before the board is another request to further operations, but in this case it is not for acquisition," Evil A said. "I desire the use of several divisions of our forces to attack this D’Wah’Iia. We can acquire new markets through alliances but I desire to keep this land hostile to harvest chaos from... it is perfect for this purpose. There are already many warlords there fighting among themselves. Powerful beings that have not been found in such concentrations elsewhere. This is what I have been looking for since beginning this corporation, and pushing the forces of Evil beyond my own domain in the hopes regaining the power I had before God last came before me. She wrecked me, and next time I want to show her I am not to be treated like that again. She tried to keep me down, and yet I have built a mighty force since then. It is time to show God what Evil can really do."

"Are we to believe this is all about revenge?" Sergeant Dante dared to ask.

"It is more than that," Evil said. "It is a matter of power. We want to have the power. To obtain it we need to harvest something as primal as chaos. This corporation has been built on it. We need chaos to sustain what we have built. These weapons we bring to others are useless without chaos."

"Valid point," Sergeant Dante replied.

"Sounds like an excellent plan to me as long as I can write songs about it," Mozart said.

"Indeed, you can do such Mozart," Evil replied. "Anything else?"

The others all responded with a no in unison.

"Good," Evil said. "It seems our staging area is under the control of one J-kun. His forces are strong but if we can push him off even a small segment of his territory it will do well to announce our arrival. No reason to pick anything but among the strongest to attack first. Now I shall be off to my lab to work on some new schematics as the invasion is prepared for..."

Evil A walks out of the board meeting followed quickly by #2 Ninja. The others remain in the board room to actually vote on what the corporation is willing to commit to the invasion though such protocol would not interfere with Evil's plans. Evil Enterprises was an odd shell operation but it has been profitable for those that have decided to serve on its board.

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