In a way, I feel quite lonely without my friends, Noah and Anthony.
If I could make a wish that the four of us, including my brother, could do something in person together again, I would most definitely make that wish.
It would be fun to play some video games with them, or even do something outside of this house...something we didn't do two years ago.
It's hard for me to explain, but for once, I felt...happy..happy because I didn't feel alone with them around.
Even happiness really wouldn't be a strong enough word to convey the feeling I had experienced.

The feeling was as if I was able to wander around in the warm light of the sun after having been trapped in my own cold, desolate world for so long.

It hurt to see them leave...It made me think that I would never see them again.
The Tears! The Sadness! all of it was so shameful!
And yet, I don't regret showing my sadness.
I was able to convey true feelings that day.
I'm still able to convey those true feelings to this day.

Thank you for being my friends, Noah and Anthony...
It's quite surprising to think that we've been a trio of friends for at least six years, and I honestly hope that we can remain friends forever.