If you read about the Cruise Control Diet by James Ward in different websites online and you are trying to find the real truth about this weight loss program then this post is for you.

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In our Cruise Control Diet review you will discover what the Cruise Control Diet is all about, what you will find inside this weight loss system, what are the strong and weak elements of this popular program and if James Ward’s product is really the most suitable weight loss solution for you or not.

If you don’t want to spend your money on a weight loss program that is simply not for you, then we will highly recommend you to dedicate few minutes from your time and to read our detailed review below in order to learn if the Cruise Control Diet is what you really need or not.

First of all, let’s understand a little better what the Cruise Control Diet is all about…
What Is The Cruise Control Diet?
Created by James Ward, The Cruise Control Diet can be best described as a flexible diet program that tries to make the weight loss process simple as possible by avoiding all the strict rules and limitations that you will usually find with most of the programs online these days.

The Cruise Control Diet revolves around 4 main simple rules which according to James Ward are essential in order to get the best weight loss results.

The first and second rules are that natural foods lead your body to burn more fat and in contrast processed and artificial food items will lead your body to store more fat. The third rule is that total abstinence from guilt food is useless and getting some guilty pleasures sometimes will actually make it easier for you to shed more pounds. The last rule talks about your body’s natural hunger instinct and why you should trust it instead all of these calorie counting metrics and diet schedules for better results and much easier life.

By combining these four rules James Ward claims that he was able to lose more than 35 pounds in only 10 weeks and he says that most people will be able to lose around 30 pounds over similar period by using his Cruise Control Diet.

In order to deliver these results James Ward offers a weight loss system that includes several items and listed below are the main features that you will find inside the Cruise Control Diet standard package.

What Is Included Inside The Cruise Control Diet Package:

“The Cruise Control Diet Core Program Guide” that is based on 3 phases which will allow you to get the desired results without excessive exercise routines, dangerous weight loss pills or strict nutrition rules. The 3 phases include the “Metabolic Reset Phase”, “The Cruise Control Phase”, and “The Rapid Fat Burning Phase” (more info about each phase could be found in the pros and cons section).
“The Cruise Control Diet Cook Book” that contains the most recommended recipes by James Ward which will help you to lose more weight than others.
“The Cruise Control Diet Jumpstart Guide” that was designed to help you get better results with the program faster.
“The Weekly Recipes Bonus” that gives you free access to new recommended recipes every week for the first two months.

The Pros And Cons Of The Cruise Control Diet
The Pros
Very Organized Program

One of the best things about the Cruise Control Diet in our opinion is that is it a very organized and user-friendly weight loss system.
The core program is divided into 3 different phases which really help to understand exactly what you need to do and when.

The first phase gives useful information on how to reset your metabolism in order to rebuild your body’s natural hunger instinct in two weeks.
The second phase serves mainly as your default nutrition plan in order to lose weight while still enjoying about two “cheat meals” each week, and the last phase which is like an extension of phase number two will show you how you can feel much better during your weight loss process.

Easy To Follow Without Complicated Rules

The Cruise Control Diet is one of the easiest to follow and “worry-free” weight loss programs that we have ever seen so far. This program doesn’t involve counting calorie intake or strict eating rules and gives you much more freedom than most of the other fat loss programs online these days.

Based On Real Scientific Researches

Most of the information inside the Cruise Control Diet main guide is based on solid scientific analysis and is backed up by many researches.

No Need For Lots Of Workouts Or Dangerous Pills

Inside the main guide of his program James Ward teaches you how to lose significant amount of weight naturally and without any dangerous diet pills or lots of hours in the gym, something that can be extremely important for busy people.

Great Customer Support

We sent two emails to the Cruise Control Diet support team and in both times we received helpful replies in just about 16-20 hours, much faster than what we usually see.

Full Refund Policy

The Cruise Control Diet comes with great full refund policy which allows you try the complete system for 60 days without any risk.
The Cons
Less Comprehensive Than Other Programs

The Cruise Control Diet is very straight to the point compared to most of the other weight loss programs that we reviewed here. People who are looking for extensive package with lots of guides and video tutorials will probably be a bit disappointed.

The Only Focus Is On Diet

As we explained before, the Cruise Control Diet is all about the right diet plan. James Ward believes that by only changing your diet regimen you will be able to lose significant amount of weight and he almost doesn’t talk about exercise and motivational aspects at all. We personally believe that it would be better to include one section about these topics inside the core program.

The Cruise Control Diet Is Available Only Online

At this time the Cruise Control Diet is available for sale only online and in a digital format which gives you instant access to the product immediately after your purchase. This means that you won’t find James Ward’s program at stores or in hard copy version. (Although you can print almost all the material at home if you want).
Should You Get The Cruise Control Diet Program?
The Cruise Control Diet by James Ward is for you if:

You are looking for an easy to follow diet program that doesn’t involve complicated things such as counting your calorie intake every day.
You are looking for a diet program that will allow you to get about “two cheat meals” each week and that doesn’t involve strict eating rules.
You are looking for a weight loss solution that is based only on nutrition and doesn’t involve workouts or pills.
You are looking for a weight loss program that was created especially for beginners who don’t know too much about weight loss, nutrition and fitness.
You are looking for a weight loss program that comes with full refund guarantee policy.

The Cruise Control Diet by James Ward is not for you if:

You are looking for a complete weight loss program that combines workouts with diet plan in order to lose weight faster.
You have lots of experience in the health and fitness field and you are looking for advanced weight loss techniques in order to burn as much fat as possible.
You are looking for one of these comprehensive weight loss programs that include lots of guides, videos and audio files (such as the PaleoBurn program).

The Bottom Line
We personally believe that the Cruise Control Diet by James Ward is one of the most effective and best weight loss programs on the market today for people who are looking for a “worry-free” system to lose weight and to maintain this weight loss in the long term.

Unfortunately, these days almost all of the weight loss programs online contain very strict diet rules with lots of complicated calorie counting calculations which makes the weight loss process even more complicated than what it should be.

The Cruise Control Diet on the other hand offers lots of flexibility and freedom to the user and this is what we really like about it.

With that being said, we also think that the Cruise Control Diet is not for everyone. Advanced users that are looking for a complete weight loss program that also involves full workout routines, or people that are looking for a very comprehensive system that comes with lots of guides that contain 100′s of pages will probably find better solutions than the Cruise Control Diet for them.

On the flip side, people who are looking for a user-friendly program that will teach them how to lose their excess pounds and keep them off permanently on cruise control and without complicated rules, will probably find the Cruise Control Diet to be an amazing choice for them.

Moreover, the great money back guarantee policy from James Ward and the limited time affordable price that he offers for the standard package of the program make the Cruise Control Diet a completely risk free weight loss system which you can start using without any risk in just few minutes from now…

We hope that our Cruise Control Diet review was useful for you. For additional questions regarding James Ward’s program simply contact us via the contact page.

We wish you a great day!