Hours in the gym with blood, sweat and tears and nothing to show for it at the end of the day...
...sound familiar?

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Like many people, you probably think that you are doing everything you possibly can to build up the muscle and burn off the fat but working hard at the gym every day is only a part of the secret.
Eating the right food is a crucial (some might say the MOST crucial) part of getting the body you want but most muscle building eating regimes are boring with little or no imagination in them.
What's more, those protein shakes you drink are probably leaving your body without some of the vital nutrients it needs to function at its peak...and they are often packed with sugar!
Introducing a new form of cooking from top bodybuilder and passionate nutritionist�Dave Ruel�that delivers way more than anything you've probably seen or read before...

Anabolic Cooking
Let's look at what anabolic means in the first instance � it refers to the process of promoting anabolism.

What does anabolism mean? It refers to the bodily processes that build things up and consume energy � i.e. making bigger things out of smaller things. It allows the body to grow new cells and maintain the tissue that it already has.

Does this sound like something that can help in building up muscle? Yes? I knew you'd agree � we'll make a biochemist of you yet (joke).

So what does Dave's course actually give you?
A Breakdown Of The Course
The first rule that Dave sets out is that cooking for fitness and muscle gain does NOT have to be boring and the food does NOT have to be tasteless.

In his course, Dave delivers 200 �anabolicious' recipes (his word not mine) that are pack with all the essential nutrients your body needs along with the perfect mix of muscle building protein and energy giving carbohydrates (remember anabolism combines small things into larger things but it needs energy to do so ��carbs are vital�and anyone who says otherwise does not know what he or she is talking about).

Dave also talks about how you can still indulge once in a while with a�cheat meal�and even gives recipes for some ultra tasty treats that are still packed with nutrient dense foods.
They look good don't they? I like how he added spice and garlic to the bread mix � I tried this recipe and let me tell you that they tasted so much better than packet nuggets or even those you get from fast food retailers.
So what else is in the course other than 200 fantastic, anabolic recipes?

meal plans � not only does Dave show you how to make his delicious meals, he tells you when to eat what and gives you a�ready written shopping list�to save you time. Dave optimises your meal timings so you get the full benefit from the foods you are eating.Dave also provides different meal plans for�different calorie intakes�so depending on your goal, there is a unique plan for you.
background science and nutrition � Dave doesn't expect you to take everything at face value, he gives you the science behind his diet plan so you can be sure it is right for you.
time saving tips � you may think that Dave's plan will take up loads of your time but he shows you how you can�prepare all of your meals for a week in under 3 hours.
post workout tactics � Dave knows what your body needs after a big session at the gym and his shake recipe is the bomb.
money saving tips � anabolic cooking sounds expensive right? Well Dave has addressed this concern too and gives you plenty of advice on how you can eat the right way without blowing your budget...

...and lots more besides this.
The Verdict
Given what you probably already spend on supplements, shakes and protein bars, the Anabolic Cookbook will actually SAVE you money instead of costing you a thing. The price of $47 is more than a normal book you'd buy in a shop but it's so much more than just a book (it's currently on offer � act now to avoid disappointment).
The course has few downsides but if you aren't totally happy with it after making your purchase, you'll be glad to know that Dave backs his product 100% and gives an iron-clad, no-questions-asked 60 day guarantee. Just contact him and he'll refund your purchase.
You can read more about Dave's course but be warned, the sales page is a little long and he throws a lot of testimonials at you. You can probably skip over these or at least take them with a pinch of salt but�the course is solid, regardless of it's rather elaborate sales page.
I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to a)�get fit�and b)�build muscle.