I had discovered some Chile y Limon Pringles last night before bed so I woke up this morning with indigestion and decided to only drink coffee prior to going to orientation at Meijer's. I'm fresh, dressed, and ready to impress now, waiting on Dee to come pick me up in my car while he's on break from work. I need tires A.S.A.P. or my car's not going to be on the road much longer. I sure hope Dee gets his car back from the mechanic soon.

I'm fine with going to this orientation, but I really don't want to go to South Haven to fool around with these fireworks afterwards. I prefer the New Year's fireworks since I can watch them from the comfort of my attic window. I think I hear Dee coming so maybe I had better get ready. I feel wide awake even though I didn't initially want to get out of bed and I couldn't have had more than five hours of sleep. I'm going to be so bored tonight, I don't want to go. I just want to return home after orientation so I can go fishing at Bass'ken Lake. stressed