Not exactly sure how this whole journal thing works out so some of my sentences may be a little unfinished or end up in some seriously messed up places. rofl

I talk waaaaaayyyyy too much so I try to keep these things as intersting (did I spell that wrong?) as possible into multiple pieces. sweatdrop

Currently working on two awesome stories that includes a genie girl wanting blood-thirsting revenge on her demonic father after a 1000 years of about a grudge scream , and super-powered anthro fighting pokemon with nonstop action and insanity, just imagine the wackiest fighting anime but with pokemon, think about iiitttttt...... eek like is said.....insanity. dramallama

I love it when things are outta wack (how is "wack" not a real word but "outta" is), it's just so refreshing. If your mind's still pieced together at this point then when can be great friends

This is Stardustcodon from the code of the galaxy, Signing off. "I'm burnin..." burning_eyes