Problem Solving Skills 101 In life, there are many different problems to be solved everyday but how do people solve these problems? All of these are problems to be solved even though there are problems that can easily be solved and there are problems that are difficult to solve and hard to find answers. There are a lot of different things that people should learn. This is to solve a problem. One important thing people should need to have are problem solving skills because this is one of the keys in finding out different solutions to a given problem.

Everybody needs problem solving skills because there are different problems that everybody encounters in their daily lives to solve. People should develop problem solving skills. These should be improved everyday. As people solve one problem at a time, they become more experts in solving this kind of problem and they can improve this as they experience many problems in their lives. People can enhance problem solving skills through research. This is to be able to achieve success in solving a problem.

One way to enhance problem solving skills is to pay attention to the solution. Also to stay focus on the solution to solve the problem. Another is to be open minded with all the possible solutions that can solve the problem and don’t settle for one solution only and find more solutions for a certain problem. These can develop the mind of a person to create and think different problem solving strategies with these 2 examples on how to enhance problem solving skills.
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Because these are ways and ideas on how you can solve a problem by exploring it, having these different problem solving strategies is very important. Exploring these problem solving strategies can find answers to all the possible solutions given and from that, a person can come up with the best solution to solve the problem. One great way to use these problem solving strategies is playing the games in Playford Games. The players here in Playford Games use their problem solving skills and problem solving strategies in a team to come up with solutions on how to win the game.What does a problem based learning mean today? Today, these are questions that are often asked by most parents with children who are still in school learning different things. According to some people, a problem based learning is a type of education where it focuses on the students to learn about something or a subject through going in the actual experience of solving a problem. Students are able to use their knowledge through theories together with creating strategies to solve it by this method of education. A problem based learning is taught to students. It taught students to think of so many ways, ideas and strategies to solve a problem correctly.
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In solving the problem, a problem based learning is more adapted and learned by students well in having groups to discuss and share about their ideas and a professor or a teacher leads them in providing knowledge that can guide and help them. The teacher presents the problem. The students will think on their own how to solve it. The teacher is there to only present the problem or a situation and he is not there to discuss is but he is only there to guide the students on how they can use their brilliant minds in solving that problem.

There are different steps nowadays on how to show or teach a problem based learning to students by a teacher or a professor. The student is taught how to see the structure of the problem when the teacher or mentor gives or presents the problem. The students on their own will think of many things possible solutions for that certain problem and the students after that and now share and discuss this to their team to come up with different strategies that could solve the problem. Now, the students will document all the possible solutions and strategies to solve the problem and make conclusions then present the best solution to the problem.
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A problem based learning is one important key to learn by students who have active minds to explore a lot of possible measures in solving a problem. It is essential that a problem based learning is practiced to be able to improve many ways in exploring different ideas and strategies. Today, the most common thing that growing children can practice this is playing strategic games and one best example is the Playford Games where there are games to be solved by using your knowledge and brilliant minds to win the game.