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Student: Mako
Character: Lars
Fighting Style(s): Karate
Skywars Skills: 10/10
The Walls Skills: 6/10

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Makoko bew! I honestly have no idea when I met you, to be honest. The oldest memory I have of you is that you randomly said hi Rai one day, and I was all, woah who the f*ck is this guy? Then you put me on your profile, and I was all, oh okay so this is my new boyfriend everyone. You had me on your profile before we even had each other added, and I was just like, ...slowly puts him on my profile. But I remember every time I saw you after that, I'd be like, hi Mako! I have no idea when I started calling you Makoko, but it just felt right. Mako #1. Anyways, now to talk about how wonderful Mako is!!! Mako is always keeping up with news on different things, with the main example being games. I almost always hear about game news from Mako first. I think it was him who told me Type-0 was coming to North America. I was all, AGH~!~ Asides from that, Mako is always up for Minecraft. He's pretty beast at Skywars, which is always nice since we team up anyways. He isn't that good at The Walls, but I'm pretty sure I'm even worse. Actually, the only person who's good at The Walls is Taiga. Shout out to her! Now, let me get off the subject of Minecraft before I start naming every single game we play together. He's also chill af (Wow, I just realized I wrote that in almost all the shout outs so far. Oh well, you're all #1!!), and is always speaking in a soft voice. I'm like, Makoko pls! But yeeee. Mako's a caring guy, which is probably his best quality. Sure, sometimes some of the things he says makes me look at my screen like, >3> wat? But I know he always has good intentions, so you can't blame him for that! Anyways, stay beautiful, Makoko bew, and remember that I always got your back in Skywars. Dattebayo!



Not wanting to fight anyone, he willingly lost his first fight. Impressed by his actions, his teacher gave him a power up, which not only gave Mako more strength, but also motivation. With both things now under his belt, he took out his remaining opponents. Once out of the game, however, he walked outside of the factory and sat in the rain, wondering if killing off the rest of his classmates was worth it.

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