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Student: Doom
Character: Miguel
Fighting Style(s): None
Cosplaying Skills: A++/10
Bewness: 6969/10

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BEW!! Okay, I kinda remember when we first met. You were in towns, and I had brought in my Axel account for some reason. You were dressed up as Axel too, and you walked up to me and were all, NICE COSPLAY! This was back when you always wrote in caps because #1. Anyways, after that, I remember you were with two of your friends in 1033 b3, and I happened to be on my bloody mule. I slowly came out from behind the tree, and was all, -doesn't say anything-. Then I remember one of your friends was all, WHAT THE ******** LET'S GO! Then I bumped into you guys again, and you all ended up leaving. Tears. But I remember I had finally added you on your DOOM account, but then you randomly stopped going on it. Then I started seeing some guy named OpticaI in towns, and I was all, woah, where did this guy come from??? Then I found out it was you, and I was all, BEW!! Random fact: Doom is pretty much the only person I still call bew. Just bew. Nothing extra. Because #1. Okay, so now all the things I like about Doom! When he serenades me in calls by playing Fighting Dreamers. Unghh. Just kidding!! Doom is probably my closest male friend. He's literally one of my favorite people on Gaia. He's smart, and knows what he's talking about. He knows how to defend himself, and doesn't take nothing from nobody because he's grown! Not too sure about your taste in music.... I'm gonna leave that to Sasu! Speaking of Sasu, #1 couple!! Their shipping name is... Shoom. It doesn't make sense but that's okay!! Another thing about Doom is that he's great at making cosplays. I was all, wow, I never knew you were so good at making cosplays! Then he punched me in the face and told me to shut the ******** up. Tears. The thing I love most about Doom is that he's always there for his friends. Anytime I need someone to talk to, I know he's one of the people I can 100% rely on and trust in. I hope we stay friends 5ever, bew, and I also hope that we meet at Ax next year!! *Picks you up in my shopping cart* WE OUT BEW. Before I finish writing this, let me just say that.... PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR THE CHARACTER I GAVE YOU, BEW! He isn't as bad as he looks! Doom is low key the Renji to my Bazz B. Who you calling chicken head, chicken head!? Stay #1 forever, bew!



Realizing that the classmate most important to him had already been defeated by his upcoming and final opponent, he became enraged. He used his rage to easily defeat his last opponent. Rather than leave the game, he made a deal with his teacher; let him fight everyone again, and if he wins, let both him and his beloved classmate go. His teacher agreed, and he started from scratch.

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