Name: Larail (Elf name), born as Bree Nolan, later known as Azani, and finally known as Larail
Age: 24
Race: Human
Weapons: Multiple daggers, poison darts, bow and arrows, bottled poison, swords, really anything she can get her hands on
Personality: Can be very loyal to those she deems worthy, headstrong, always gets the job done one way or another, loves her pets no matter what they’ve done, is a very devoted friend once she claims someone as a friend, intelligent, brave, cruel, vengeful, sadistic, opportunistic, selfish, trust issues, sarcastic, lone wolf
Pets: cat (Simus), raven (Firrah)
Powers: none
Hair: long, wavy, chestnut coloring
Eye Color: Forest Green
Skin Tone: Olive
Height: 5’3ish
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Assassin, Master Thief, but really an Opportunist.
Larail comes from the realm called Cindaria. In Cindaria, she was born in the Kingdom of Peria, which is located in the human lands of Cindaria, to a noble family and born with the human name Bree. The Nolans are a well know, powerful, and wealthy family in this Kingdom. Bree’s father was a part of the king’s council, so growing up was not rough at all. Bree had a private tutor to teach her how to read, learned how to ride horses, and was raised to be the perfect wife for another noble man one day. Bree had a normal childhood and loving parents, but that was the problem. Her life was too normal. Too perfect. There was always something lingering inside Bree wanting to break free. She longed for an exciting life much like the characters in her novels. One full of adventure, love, and danger.
By the time Bree was fourteen years old, her father had found her the perfect suitor. The man was of a proud family, not as wealthy as her family, but just as powerful. He would have been a kind and gentle husband and just as loving of a father to her own children, but Bree did not want this. It would just add to her already normal, boring life. To avoid her duties as a woman (as her father always told her), Bree stole a coin purse full of gold coins from her father and ran away from home one night after her parents fell asleep to pursue the life she always wanted.
The books Bree grew up reading were full of elves and fairy folk, so that’s where she was headed. It didn't take long for Bree to learn that life outside her pretty home was not what she had expected. Some people were rude and cruel, some had a foul odor to them, and others were nice . . . almost too nice. The night Bree ran away from home, she headed to an Inn not far from her city’s walls. It was full of drunken men and half-clothed women. She entered the Inn thinking she would sleep here for the night and then head to the nearest docks to set sail to the elves. As the naive little girl Bree was, she didn't realize she was a prime target. Her clothes were nice and lacy, her hair was smooth and kept, and she was such a beauty. All eyes were set on her as she approached the Inn keeper with her heavy coin purse. The Inn keeper took the gold she owed and showered her to the room she would be staying in. Bree was unaware she was followed by a man she would soon hate. The man was filthy, covered in dirt and ragged clothing, and split liquor. His breath smelled of cheap ale and his teeth were yellow like butter. He limped into her room and locked the door behind him. That is when Bree learned that the world was not as wonderful as the world in her books. The man beat her, raped her, and took everything she had (even the clothes off her back). Why? Because people are cruel and the world is unfair. A lesson Bree had to learn the hard way. Without her father’s gold, she had no way of paying for room and board on a ship. She could not pay for food, drink, or new clothes. Even worse, she could not return home. She would surely be exiled anyway from the family for being disobedient, stealing, and no longer being a virgin before marriage. She was no use to any husband now. No. She made a choice to leave home and seek out her own adventures.
Bree quickly learned the ways of living on the streets. She learned how to steal food off of wagons without being caught, pickpocket, and how to lie. She learned how to survive and get what she wanted. She eventually got on her ship that would take her to the magical part of the realm. There she dropped her human name for an elven name (known as Azani, meaning life maker since she created her own life) and learned the culture of the wood elves. There she learned how to use a bow and arrow, alchemy, how to hunt. Next, Azani ventured to the high elves and learned what she could from them. She became a traveler. She traveled to the land of the dwarves, the land of the orcs, and even came across a deamon or two. She was happy….but….she wanted more. She missed the riches and the luxury life she once had.
Azani started stealing even more than just food and a coin or two like she had been. She started taking jewelry and things of value. But these things did not bring much coin, so she turned to something she had heard brought much coin from the streets: bounty hunting. She used the tracking skills she learned from the wood elves to use and became a rather good bounty hunter. Her targets were always to be kept alive and brought back to whoever wanted the target. She had become so good at tracking people that someone took notice. This someone started asking her that with her tracking skills, he was sure she could find his target and was even more certain she could kill him. Azani had never murdered anyone in her life. Sure, she wished she had slit the throat of the drunken man that night in the Inn, but thinking and actually doing it were two different things! What tempted Azani was the gold the man offered. It was a lot to just walk away from. This is when Azani took up the job as an assassin. She dropped her former elven name and took up a new one. She would then be known as Larail, meaning night hunter. Larail learned that the night was the best camouflage there was to find a target of any kind. Larail was bringing in the big money now with her stolen items, bounties, and murdered victims. She could now afford the clothes she once wore, a beautiful, shiny jewels, and baths. Oh, how she missed the baths and perfumes. Larail even got herself some pets to keep her company on her travels. She got a cat to snuggle up to at night and a raven to send messages if need be.
By age 20, Larail had it all: the money, the traveling, and the adventures. She had learned how to kill by any means possible. She knew how to take a ring off someone during mid-conversation, and how to track a target overseas. She had her usual clients and made friends with people in high places. She had bought a beautiful home with a lovely ocean view and even had her fair share of romance. Larail became unstoppable . . . or so she thinks.