finally going to the doctor today for my shoulder/neck. hoping he can do something besides try to convince me to do acupuncture or give me drugs.
i don't like either.

i want to know why it hurts every day.

this week has been good so far. my teachers have been letting me off. the male ones at least. the one said to take a rest after that open class. and the other said to take a rest because he needs to teach the students some stuff for the test next week.

i have materials to make for classes, so i'll take all the desk time i can get. seriously.

last weekend i hung out with joe and gary and hien. and joe was actually nice to me. and he actually voluntarily sat next to me on the bus on the way home.
he is weirder than a cat.
i think he's just extra mean to me when it's just me. because he's an asshole.

oh i forgot the whole reason i'm posting.
i just realized i hadn't posted on fb in japanese in a long time.
actually... i have been realizing how my japanese skills are failing. i am not bad, but i'm not as good either. i used to write notes for sermons in japanese... and now... i can't. not very well.
i think my 300 kanji might be 90 now. the basic set. i need to get back into reading.
i think i'll spend my break reading that book i bought.

unless eric puts together a plot to go to japan. i'd gladly go with him to translate. LOL.