So, I think I should mention that shellfish is a staple in my diet. So, when inquired, "how do you like your eggs?" Please keep a bag of oysters in your fridge and the rest of the following in the correct temperature: some rice flour or potato flour (whatever you want to use), potato starch, tapioca flour, sweet chili sauce (or whatever preferred sauce you would like). I think it'll be safe for you to infer that Oyster Omelettes are one of my top favorite things to eat. If your not a big fan of seafood, I understand, this dish isn't for you. But I would recommend it to anyone else who does. It's pretty simple to make... Put the eggs (like one or two) in a large bowl and about 8-10 oysters along with it. Add 1/4 tapioca, 3/4 or so of water, 1/2 cup of potato starch. Then you put it on an oiled skillet (medium-high temperature) and cook it. Then put some sauce on that and your good. I would recommend Sweet Chili Sauce mainly because that's how it's usually eaten. yum_puddi