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I Am Not Broken On The Inside
You know it is funny how people want me to feel broken on the inside. Even better is when they break themselves on the inside prattling on about hope. I personally miss being a teenager. Back when everyone made fun of the ugly losers who couldn't attract a mate if they were the only potential mate within 1000 miles. Those were the good old days. Now everyone is just gross with their deep down belief in fiction.

I guess it make sense for females to believe in fiction. I mean they really only have to be around people to actually have this landslide romance that we glorify in all the many romance movies that are out there However, as a male I know that is not the case and never will be the case. As a male, I have one more requirement of me, I have to go initiate the process. The truth is that as a male, if I don't go out there and hit on females and try and buy their love, like in the movies. I won't be getting anything. I guess that is why we males have it made in the shade, so to speak. If you are quiet and mind your business no female wants anything to do with you. Problem with being a female, no matter how you act you are always in danger of some guy annoying you. Trust me I have seen/heard plenty of females b*tch about how they just wanted to go pick something up from the store and some loser hit on them. As a male I will never have that problem.

So I really have to wonder why people think I am broken on the inside? I mean really I am anything but broken. I can see the world for what it is, a place where losers like me are not wanted. It doesn't matter how much weight I lose or how much money I make or how nice I dress myself or anything. Truth is that there will be no romance for a male who doesn't go out and initiate the mating dance. I just hate how all these 20-something 30-something assholes treat me with so much pity. How can they stomach such a lie as hope? I mean geez it is gross and disturbing. I know the ones who are single will go through multiple potential mates and never connect the dots.

The only thing that makes me sick is when these people are technically right about one thing. I have "not met the right person". Of course that implies that I have actually met a person to begin with. I mean technically they are right, I have not met anyone therefore I have not met the right person. However, we all know that phrase is meant for people who go on regular dates and have an actual chance at being someone's mate. Such a phrase does not apply to someone like me who is seen merely as a drink ticket.

Of course this is another point people will argue with me that the whole "drink ticket" thing is in my head. It is so very gross to be honest to see them lie to themselves all the time. I mean really why do they do that. Any female, appealing or otherwise, would have me down as a mark who is desperate for any female attention. Then again, they did not live that first hand. After all, females love to believe they are above such things when we all know that is just not true. Then we get to my favorite thing of all.

The closest thing to an admission that I am just not mate worthy the phrase 'You need to lower your standards'. Right... right.. I forgot that it is not about having someone you actually want. No it is all about having someone in general. It is fun to turn that one around on them though. That insult. I mean honestly, I cannot believe that people say crap like that. The worst part is none of them can even fathom that is an insult. I have turned that around on so many people and they are in absolute shock. I explain to them what it means when they say that and their eyes light up with confusion. Some concede most like to cling to the line. Either way it is the only time when people can come close to admitting the truth about me. That I just need to take whatever I can get. Sadly, just because you haven't had water for a long time. That doesn't mean that drinking salt water or sewage will keep your from dying from dehydration.

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comment Commented on: Thu Jun 26, 2014 @ 03:30am
If you could rewrite the world (past, present, and theoretical future) to be however you wanted it, to be what you would be happy with, what would that rewrite involve?

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