Hmmmm... What do I write?

Im a 21 year old female thats been on Gaia since November of 2006. I've had my fair share of commitment and non-commitment to this site. I re-read all of my past posts (from 2007 and 200 cool and deleted them all. I cant believe I was so naive and stupid. Ugh.

I love this site. And after coming back here after a year and a half break, I see a lot has changed.

Makes me a little sad, to be honest.

Towns (for example), I used to be able to go on the towns and talk to people... Now a days, I can barely find 40 people on the server. What has happened Gaia?

And why, suddenly, are most items worth so much money? I dont understand how Gaians would have millions of dollars to spend on items. I just dont understand.

Does anyone even read Journal posts anymore? Or am I simply talking to myself? :/