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Mad in pursuit A Day in the life

Paradox Prince
Community Member
Day Seven
Day 7 June 18th 2014

Dear readers,
I spent the first 5 hours and 55 minutes of this day playing around online, responding to peoples messages and typing the previous day 6 entry & setting up my quest thread on Syndrone.

I finally laid down with Spoons to go to sleep at 6:00 exactly.

I woke up during my dream and then went back to sleep, and had a dream where I was in a really old house. It's hard to recall what exactly was happening but I basically was a woman. I was small. It felt like I was going through a dungeon in a video game and going towards an end boss. I met a bunch of people along the way, and then went into a room where there was a dragon in this huge pit, and there were two little rooms behind doors in opposite corners so I went into one and tried to make some sort of magical potion.
I failed though, I couldn't make the potion in that room I was missing important ingredients. So I went to the other room and mashed a bunch of stuff together, one of the ingredients was mysteriously similar to spaghetti except instead of meat balls or olives it was chunks of ebony. I ground it together in this huge motar and it made this lime green goopy stuff and I went back into the room with the dragon and flung it on it, and the dragon became calm and let me go past with the people I was with.

Someone started to target me and I had to figure out who it was before it was too late but while I was doing that I was knocked unconscious. There was an older black woman in a warehouse with me where I showed up. It was a warehouse for a shop in a mall not far from that place, I got into the dresses and tried on a really pretty short frilly lolita style wedding dress that had a beautiful veil and .. it was just so pretty. The bead work was perfect.
Apparently the shop that for the shop was going to shut down. It was some high quality ritzy place that sold really expensive jewelry and wedding dresses & clothes. The black woman that I was there with said I could take whatever I wanted from the shop.
When I went to the mall to go to the shop it'self there was an older woman on a bench talking about “the dignity of the people” and how it was wrong to put so many people out of business for shutting the mall down. I leaned over and told her she could put a loan in and get the place running, and she thought I was kidding. I said “no no seriously” before I went into the shop and looked around. There was some woman with her boyfriend there and she was especially … well just flat out mean, and I was thankful I wasn' t that way. I put on a high quality fabric hand sewn vest type of thing that had tassles and was ivory in color it felt heavy but in a good way to wear. I looked at all the jewelry in the shop and said I wanted earrings outloud, and the elderly woman I said should buy the mall to , handed me two things that held earrings but I had to tell her that wasn't what I meant, and that I couldn't take them because I wasn't even sure they were the right metal..
I felt like I had been there before. There were vests made of fur and there were clothes not made of fur.

I went back to the ware house to find better shoes for the wedding dress I was wearing but there was a really obese woman there making pig sounds and rifling through things and stealing. She had a literal pig face.
I yelled at her but she ran and I tried to chase her but she went through a door and into a pitch black darkness I didn't want to follow her into. I guess I'm scared of the dark in person and in my dreams too.
I just yelled slander at her until I went back to look for shoes hoping the ones I saw that would go well with the dress were still there.

I heard the sound of a door open and then when I looked, I was awake and seeing the front door I was sleeping by open. And then I realized I was awake. I tried to remember the earlier details of my dream for a moment.
I woke up at 14:00 exactly.

I went to the kitchen ate a brownie drank some water. I updated this entry with my Dream.
My insides feel really twisty and in pain and it aches.
I spent a few hours online setting up threads and editing my new Quest thread checking my email and Editing stuff about my Cyber Demon Species.
I spent several more hours reading about CSS and applying what I was learning as I went to my profile.
Spoons called me and asked if I wanted to go to the bar. I said no because bars are boring and unproductive. I would rather dedicate my time to trying to learn something then waste my time at a bar.
I also mentioned I felt like crap.

After we ended out conversation, because eventually I got fed up with CSS and settled for having plain white sections a background & autoplay because I couldn't figure out the more complicated stuff like moving the sections around or changing the font in the About Me section or changing the color of the font or changing anything else.
I wish there was a guide or something by one of the mods.
I tried to reference a CSS website but it didn't help because not all of the CSS was relevant to the profiles on Syndrone. I gave up because I don't know sh*t about CSS and it was making me mad because I couldn't make it work the way I wanted it to.

My insides still ache, like the muscles do.

Jay gave me some icecream in one of those mini cones.

Everytime I come to Alaska to visit my mom I end up wishing I brought my drawing tablet with me.

Some people I got to know on Syndrone got banned for different reasons I'm trying not to think about it or feel bad because of it.

I spent the remaining hours of today watching Orange is the New Black.

With Much Love

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