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Mad in pursuit A Day in the life

Paradox Prince
Community Member
Day Six
Day 6 June 17th 2014

    Dear readers,

I finished typing out the rest of day 5's entry and then I watched the rest of the episode I left off with for Orange Is The New Black.

I laid down to sleep at 3:12
I woke up at 12:43 when Forrest called me to ask me a question.

My Mother had me try on that dress again after she made the alterations to see if it fit better, It does.
I feel like I owe an explanation but I'll keep it short and sweet: I'm a cross dresser. For my birthday in May I asked for a 50's halter top dress and mailed her a pattern to make it with.

I sliced & then ate some watermelon followed by a bunch of mini marshmellows.
I finally got my phone taken care of and can now access my network correctly. This has been a process of frustration.
I ate the other Asaigo cheese bagel I had waiting in the fridge.
I did what little laundry I had, & then went to my bank and deposited $745 & then another $40 after that.

I had a conversation with my Mother in the car. She's had someone shooting paintballs and throwing trash and stuff over her back yard fence on top of her house and on her deck and stuff. I keep telling her the solution to that is to find out where the bastards live and taking 5 febreeze cans and 5 zipties and chucking it through their window that they leave open or just breaking in and leaving them all over in their apartment. This was while she was giving a ride home.

I put an order in from my business, so that when I get back to Seattle it'll be either close to being there or there already.

I tried to pay one of my bills off but couldn't find somewhere to actually pay them. When I looked up my account number on the billing website that was on the bill it didn't say anything about owing anything. It wouldn't accept the number I put in to pay to go forward so I could pay. The collection agency that sent me a bill that the original bill forwarded to just rang until it hung up on me. It did this three times.
Tomorrow I'll try to call at an earlier time.

I ate some left over Nacho's that Jay said I could have.

I texted Tyler and J.C to see what they were both up to. Tyler responded first and invited me to go blow things up with PeeWee and Chewy. Then he said that some old acquaintances named Sweaty Bear and Texas might come along. Texas is one of my ex boyfriends but we didn't end on bad terms or anything though so it's not a problem.

It's 21:31, I'm waiting for my ride.
I'm still waiting it's now 22:01.

During this time I ate rice and chicken and some kind of sauce that Jay made and ate a few slices of some watermelon.

I texted Chewy to see what was taking them so long.
Peewee he says. I said to tell Peewee that people are waiting on him. He says Peewee is waiting on people. I said in that case to tell peewee to tell them people are waiting on them because people are waiting on peewee and peewee is waiting on them. He says Peewee wasn't even there and would if he could.

Then J.C called me and asked what I was up to, and I said I was getting tired of waiting on Chewy and Spoons. He said hold on that he'd call right back. I said oh okay, and then I helped my Mother with ordering something. J.C called me back. He said they were waiting on Peewee. I said I know & repeated what I said to Chewy about telling Peewee to hurry up. J.C said he said to tell them that they should just come pick me up instead of leaving me hanging around I agreed and said night and that I'd see him tomorrow so Spoons and I could continue our game of Civilization with Kay and he.

I spent a little time updating this entry while I waited. Chewy called and said they'd be on their way and be here in a few minutes.

I got in the car where there was a guy with a hoodie that had Ichigo on it, but I never caught his name so we'll just call him John Doe. He had a Bleach inspired tattoo that actually looked pretty cool and not as lame as I expected an anime inspired tattoo to look. I think that's really great because anime fans need better representation. He also had a Smash Bro's logo tattoo and two Bioshock tattoos that matched on each wrist as well.

Chewy and spoons were sitting in the front, Peewee sat on the other side of me & I was sitting in the middle. I like the middle because I can see on either side and I'm part of EVERY conversation. As we drove we smoked a bowl on the way. At what we call “the plateau” Is where we rendezvoused with Texas and Sweaty Bear (this is his actual nickname. This is literally it. We all call him this.) and they had some girl we'll name Ess there. Everyone got out of the car. Everyone got in the car. They followed us to a rock quarry where we erratically maneuvered over the road to avoid puddle holes and generally drive like dicks. It's a pretty rural road and there was no one else to potentially endanger but ourselves.

Then we lit a mini propane tank that you can buy at the store for 3 dollars on fire with Thermite. The can got all frosty and cold after releasing most of the gas. Then we just dumped a bunch of flash powder on top of a tiny old T.V. And lit that on fire. It was pretty neat because it went “Poof” and made a big mushroom cloud and was almost soundless.

Then we put the T.V back in the back of Sweaty Bears truck and drove back into town to Texas' place where we smoked a bowl and they all had beers. Spoons and I had plans to go back to my place. Then we walked in the rain and talked about roleplaying stuff as we went until I stopped in front of an awning and downloaded the first mission from Zombies Run! 3 which was fun. Really fun.

I plan to do it more often now that I know it doesn't take you on intentional routes & actually judges from how FAR you have run not where you run.

Then we came to my house, after he left to get some of his stuff from his parents house up the hill.
We had a bowl together and talked and hung out.
I think the best thing for our relationship is to try to become friends. I can't think of any instance where we've really been simply just friends.

      with much love,

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