Trchba Lseser
Jade Blood
Little nubby horns.
Derse Dreamer
Salamander Lusus.
(Allomancer Atium Symbol)


Seer of Space! You are a waking talking Universal Position System!

A Seer is essentially “one who knows/sees/understands their aspect.” Typically Seers are the most knowledgeable of their group, always
providing useful information when required.
Space is ALL ABOUT SCIENCE. Mass, Density, Speed, Pressure, Volume, you name it. Space players are always pre-awakened on their Moon, as well as are in charge of stroking the Forge and creating the Genesis Frog. Unfortunately, the specifics of Space are rather unknown, as the majority of the provided knowledge relates to their specific role in SBURB as opposed to what a Space player is capable of.

Land of Drought and Frogs

Your land is soft in color and tone but is filled to the brim with many consorts that make your land fun to be in! While the land itself may be soft and calm, the consort areas will be lively, allowing you to enter into the craziness of your land when you are ready, filled with the interesting consorts with interesting culture and traditions.

If you are an Idealist. Your quest is to bring life and energy back to a wasted and broken land! This doesn’t mean your land has to be dark and empty! There just has to be something missing that you will have to bring back.

Your world is a soft desert, sands that once knew the bottom of a deep lake now twist in the lazy breeze. Water is still present, but it is scare. It exists mostly underground in streams and lakes. Where tiny villages of your Consorts have sprung up. The poor dears cant travel very well in the heated weather, Salamanders dry out fast and need to stay underground. The Post Maidens have taken a solemn vow to keep the connects of your consorts flowing.

This is of course by the design of the Denizen who has taken up residence underground. She dragged the water under and drained the entire planet! Your Denizen is Echidna.

the People of LoDaF are a Salamader people and they tell you in quiet tones that they were a much more vibrant culture before the drought happened and that frogs were plentiful in the times of rains.

So your task is simple. Start the forge to begin crafting the new universe and bring back the rains.... easy right? Right.