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Mad in pursuit A Day in the life

Paradox Prince
Community Member
Day Four
Day 4 June 15th 2014 Sunday.
Dear readers,

Upon waking on the Ferry, 3 hours after playing Skyrim for the first 4 hours of this day, it was already approaching and docking the ship.
I got my bags from the locker and stuffed my sleeping bag into one and prepared to leave, I didn't have to hurry or anything because the ship was so over crowded they had to have specific passengers with cars get off first to clear the way for passengers on foot.

When I reached shore my friend Chewy and Spoons were waiting for me in the tour company van & we went to deliver the package before settling in at J.C's where spoons and Chewy were house sitting. We smoked a bowl of green and talked, I took a shower and fell asleep laying against Spoons watching the Chronicles of Riddick. One of my personal favorites and an inspiration to me in a lot of ways.

After I woke up we went to the store and I bought cheesy olive bread a tiny box of safeway deli mac & cheese 2 really mediocre spring rolls a 34oz bottle of water since this city's faucet water is poisoned with Copper & now the city adds Chloramine to it which is chlorine mixed with ammonia and it's much more toxic than Chlorine alone. So its poisoned not once but three times with three kinds of poison. I also bought the shelf version of vanilla Starbucks Frappuccino to try to ease my caffeine headache.

They took me to my Moms place where I'm going to crash until I leave back to Seattle.

I spent two hours on the phone with Technical service for Straight talk. I thought it was fixed finally, but 15 minutes later it went back to acting like it didn't have a data feature. Again. I don't think that it has anything to do with the Access point network like the tech guy assumed it was because if it was it'd be fixed by now.

Because my phone isn't working properly I won't be able to upload pictures until the problem is resolved.

I looked at all my mail today that's being sent to my Mother's mailbox for me, I owe a lot of money for spraining my ankle and going to the emergency room to have it looked at & the Indian community that's supposed to cover all my medical fee's refused to pay the visit since “it's not a medical priority” and it could have “waited until the next morning when I could have went and visited the Indian community clinic instead”

They defined a medical priority to me as being “a threat to life or limb”.
I had never sprained my ankle before and because I was 90 miles from any town, I was essentially going into shock from pain because I had to walk on it for a mile & had to be carried the other mile by Bubbles.. It wasn't like I slipped on my stairs in my house or something. Not forgetting to mention that sprains can either be as minor as not walking on it for a couple of days or needing serious medical surgery. I am not a medical practitioner and I'm not equipped to make that call.

I owe 1635 in total give or take a dollar in change, one of the bills was already sent to a collections agency, the other claims that “My balance must be paid in full within 5 days” Which is hilarious and never going to happen.
I don't really take my credit score that seriously, because I have a plan for my future and the result of my plan is to have enough money to pay in full for anything I want and that includes medical bills.

I'll pay the bills with the money I can WHEN I can at my own pace. I'm not going to sacrifice my lifes position of living because of a bunch of imaginary numbers invented by credit card companies.

No one is going to give a scheiße about my “credit score” when I can just pay in full & don't need to “Make payment plans” on anything anyways.

I spent several hours writing and editing a complaint to the straighttalk forums after my phone quit working almost immediately again. My Mother gave me some watermelon during this time, it was sweet and delicious.

Eventually spoons came by with J.C to come get me and we rode around and talked and then parked for a while and ate jerky before going back to J.C's place to hang out and blaze a bowl together before watching the end of the hangover 2 with his teenage daughter Tea.

With much love,

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