Guess what? Even if you lie to her, she will still find out the truth. Maybe not now, maybe not anytime soon, but she will find out. Girls always find out. When a female's intuition kicks in, most of the time, it's right. Girls will go through any lengths to find out the truth. See, the thing is, girls, they notice every little detail about everything you do & say. Will they always bring up that they notice? No, because they don't want you to know they notice, but they remember every little thing & if things start to not add up, they're gonna start investigating. By investigating, I mean snoop through your phone, go through your history, ask your friends about you etc. At first, she'll give you the benefit of the doubt & take your word for whatever you tell her, but be careful with what you tell her, because regardless of if you had good intentions to lie to her, a lie is a lie & she'll never trust you the same way again.