OC #1:
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Name: Charlie Reuben
Age: 10
Species: Shape Shifter/ Mute
Birthday: March 24th
Body Type: He is small, but not scrawny. He is more of a medium body type. His skin is slightly tanned. He has a scar at the right corner of his forehead. It’s a small slash.
Height: 4’7”
Weight: 80-90 pounds
Hair Type/Color: He has short brown hair. It covers his ears and forehead.
Eyes: Almond and gray
Personality: He is a mute so he can’t talk. He usually keeps to himself, but will smile for those who know him well.
Outfits: He wears blue jeans and any color converse. He tends to wear a white dress shirt. He keeps the dress shirt open and has a plain colored V-neck on. He wears a shark tooth necklace. Every now and then he wears a type of bear hoodie.
Favorites: Bears, Red, Pizza
Biography: Charlie was born a shape shifting mute. He was abandoned at several doorsteps and sent too many foster homes after he was born. One day after he ran away from a pair of cruel foster parents he was taken under the care of his “sister.” This girl was about 18 when she found the six year old boy and she couldn’t leave him to fend for himself on the streets. She lives by herself, besides the company of Charlie, and works two part time jobs in order to support herself, Charlie, and her future career as an engineer. Due to her classes and long working hours, Charlie is left alone in her apartment with a teddy bear to play with. He does go to school, but the nice old lady who lives next to him cannot always pick him up afterwards, so he walks home. He loves his sister dearly and couldn’t imagine a life without her.

(Picture by Koko Hearts)