RP Charry #8: (associate of Aika Sasaki)

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Name: Nakushita
Nickname: Naku
Race: Human with blue flame powers
Age: 16
Bio: Naku was caught by the Organization at the age of fifteen and has been used by the Hunters to find the whereabouts of other creatures for the past month. He doesn't like his job, but it's the only thing that's keeping him alive. He was sent to the Silver Light Academy after the Organization received information of the possible hiding of more vile monsters. Naku was sent there immediately to search and report. He was told to form profiles of each student and teacher. Unfortunately for the Organization, Naku has random memory loss attacks and although it sometimes comes back, other times it's lost forever. For this reason, and the fact that Naku is the only creature working for them, this process could take a long time. But Naku is not just working for the Organization. He is also searching for a certain Human girl he had seen before. She had a mysterious power in her voice that wrecked huge amounts of havoc. He was set out to find her and remember why she seemed so important to him. Naku is also very quiet and is not sure of who he is.