RP Charry #4:

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Name: Samantha Jeanne Carter
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Super Natural Abillity: She changes into a rabbit when she's frightened. She also has amazing speed.
Species: Morpher
Likes: Carrots and Cupcakes
Dis-Likes: People touching her ears and screaming.
Height: 5'6"
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Bio: She spent her first years as an orphan. A kind old widow later adopted her when she turned five. As a young kid no one in school picked on her ears or judged her quiet personality. They thought she was normal as long as she smiled. Her elementary life was probably the best times she had ever known.
Later she grew up into middle school and was mocked by the older kids. They yanked and pulled her ears and left her crying on the streets. Soon her friends began to fade away because anyone seen with her was also a prime target. She suffered for the next few years, but learned how to come home with a smile on her face just to please her adopted mother.
Not long after middle school, her mother died and had left her alone to take care of the house. She then joined the Designated Hearts Academy in hopes of a new start to a better life. She just hopes for her ears to at least feel rest.