Eggs are a symbol of fertility.

One English superstition for seeing your true love is to place an egg in front of your fire on a stormy night. As the storm picks up and the wind begins to howl the man who comes in and picks it up will be your true love.

Another British saying popular with sailor says you should always crush up the shell of a boiled egg after you eat it. If not evil spirits and witches would sail the seas in the shell sinking fleets with their magic.

Owls eggs are said to cure alcoholism when scrambled and fed to the individual. But they are also said to make you always shriek.

Dirt under a mocking bird's egg is a cure for sore throats. But don't eat the egg itself or you will tell everyone everything you know.

Eating Partridge eggs will make you thrive and grow.

Appalachian folklore says that if you have a hen's egg that is to small for cooking you should throw it on the roof of the house. It it meant to appease witches.

If a women throws an egg shell in the fire on May Day and sees spots of blood on it then her days are numbered.

Farmers will scatter broken eggs in fields to bring about an abundant crop.

If you find an egg with two yolks someone you know is getting married are having twins.