OC x OC / OC x May / Brendan x OC
MxF or FxF

To celebrate the coming release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I thought it'd be fun to do a plot taking place in the Hoenn region. This plot would follow the story of the original Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Since its the last time to roleplay in Hoenn as we know it, I figure now is a good time to do so. Just in case you forgot, here's a recap.

After having just moved to the Hoenn region, Brendan saves Professor Birch from a wild Poocheyna, and when Professor Birch gives him a Pokemon as thanks, his journey begins. Along with Professor Birch's daughter, May, Brendan journeys across the vast Hoenn region, collecting badges, competing in Pokemon Contests, and thwarting the plans of the evil Team Magma and Team Aqua, two rival gangs who want to increase the land mass or expand the sea. It is up to Brendan and May to stop these diabolical bandits, and save the Hoenn region, as well as become Pokemon Champions.

Mind you, our characters don't necessarily have to be Brendan or May. They could be OCs as well.

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