You catch your boyfriend looking at other girls when they walk by or you catch your boyfriend checking other girls' pictures online and let me guess, he says something like "Oh, it's just in a guys' nature to look, we can't help ourselves, it's not a big deal, it's not like we're doing anything else other than looking, stop overreacting" right? You catch your boyfriend with another girl and let me guess, he says something like "I'm sorry, it's just a guy thing, it's just the way guys are wired, I wasn't thinking, it won't happen again, I know better now" right? Well, that's a stupid logic, and this is coming from a guy. Because I know if girls were to use this logic, guys would be pissed and think these girls are terrible people. If a guy was really into you, he would have no reason to look at other girl but you and he would definitely not cheat on you because it's a "man thing". The "man thing" to do is to be a man and stick with one girl.

-Amir Vera