Look, she's trying, okay? She knows she isn't perfect, but she's trying her best to be perfect for you. You gotta understand that there will be times she'll annoy you, she'll question you, she'll irritate you, she'll upset you, she'll disappoint you, she'll make mistakes, without having any intention of hurting you, but she'll still end up hurting you. There will be times you'll see her ugly side, there will be times you'll catch her on her worst day, and there will be times she'll ******** up, but just know that underneath all of the flaws and imperfections she has, she loves you so much. Every time you guys fight, she's afraid you'll tell her "You know what? I can't take this anymore, I'm done, it's over." She's sorry that she can't better for you, but she hopes she's good enough for you the way she is.