Yesterday I went to Alton towers with work. I kinda had a nice time. I loved the Garden that was there and the beautiful castle. I just didn't really get a chance to spend time around it because everybody else wanted to do other things. On the coach there all most of them did is say horrid things about people who I like and who were not there to defend themselves. I just can't stand two faced people. They make me feel like shooting them. I find there just jealous of those people they put down. There so nice to there face though and I can't believe how they can be like that.. .such awful behavior. It totally spoiled my day before I even got there. My boss came and brought his little cutie with him and I wanted to spend the day there with them so badly and I said no just because I was afraid that people would talk about me. I hate myself for not doing what I wanted just because of other people and not very nice people at that.
I'm feeling a little down still today. I really wanted to spend the day with my boss and his son!!
I tried all day to ditch everyone but It was so hard. I only saw my boss's cutie for a dew seconds. It's so unfair! I'm so stupid I need to grow up some.