It's proper role-play time.

You humans are fun to manipulate. You see, all religions were written to make you kill each other. You already disobeyed me, and it only really took like a week to create you. It's been 2000 years since I last spoke to you, being the voice that helped forge all "fake" gods. I told you them, cause I just wanted to watch you kill each other over supremacy.

You know those other planets? Those were my testing grounds for other species. They all more-or-less killed each other, too. Seriously, I have no use for you. I put some other species far away from your wretched reach. Every time you think you're getting closer to finding other life, I help push them further away.

I tried to be subtle with you. You barely listened to anything I told you, but that foreskin one was hilarious. I had no idea you wouldn't object to cutting p***s skin off, just because I told you to. I keep seeing you say the phrase, "love the way God made you", and it tickles me. I made you with foreskin, but you cut it off on a whim.