Now a boy has complicated things. Why the ******** do you want to be with me when I leave the country in 3 weeks? Why do men complicate s**t up!? Look you like me but don't want it to go too far tell me. You just want to ********? Get my number and hit me up honestly with the question. You want to be with me? DO IT BEFORE I LEAVE!!! You think I'm going to give up a full scholarship to study in a foreign country for you? ******** THAT s**t! If you want to be with me like that I'll hit you up when I get back. Our Great Goddess has given me this opportunity and with the support of my family and my own hard work and perseverance. But you will not get in my way. This is for all the girls looking for love. Our Goddess gives us a choice each day and every day the choice is simple. Us, it may sound selfish but it is not. Do unto yourself before you do unto others. Ensure your own happiness before the happiness of another. Only then will you understand what it means to be happy and have a fulfilled life
Blessed Be To All,