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Why don't you get to know me...
Hello to everyone out there!. My name is ARIANNA.
I am TOO OLD TO REMEMBER, but I look like I'm about SEVENTEEN years old
If my cuteness didn't make it obvious, I'll let you know that I'm a GIRL.
I like them BOYS. I like GIRLS too, but I like them more as friends than relationship material.
I was born AUGUST SIXTEENTH. That's during autumn! I love the changing color of the leaves!
I was born and grew old in a LARGE FOREST. I wasn't really living in a village at any point in my life. I've always lived alone...Until Mark found me that is.
So, I don't like to talk about myself or give myself a lot of credit, but I've been told I'm a fairly beautiful SINGER. Especially by Mark on many occasions. I've also found that many people find my COOKING to be quite edible.
I grew up ALONE. I was actually born from a flower, and I never really had a childhood. Most of my kind where born of nature. It doesn't bother me that I wasn't able to live as a child though. Life is life. Why be upset about it when that's how it is?
As I've said, I grew up by myself; however, I did have some very CLOSE FRIENDS.
Most were ANIMALS, but my closest friend has actually ended up being MARK. I'll admit, when we first met, it wasn't the happiest of meetings. He'd captured me. But, somehow, over the time we spent together, we became closer and kinder towards each other rather than more spiteful.
Since I'm talking, I guess I'll let you in on a little SECRET. I know it's impossible, but I've developed some REAL FEELINGS for Mark. I put on a front that I'm like his sister all the time just to hide the fact. If he ever knew I would be so embarrassed! Please don't say anything!
What you may notice...
I'm a fairy, so I'm only about a HEIGHT on 4" tall.
I really don't WEIGHT myself or care, so I'll just say that I'm as LIGHT AS A FEATHER.
I wish I could say I have a WOMANLY FIGURE. But, I'd have to say I look more like a LITTLE GIRL. It's the worst!
I don't have anything that really MARKS my body. I don't really believe in ink on the body.
Some things that might let you know I'm around are when you see MY TRANSLUCENT WINGS and quite possibly the TRAIL OF DUST I seem to leave everywhere I fly
So I like what I like what can I say...
When it comes to GIRLS, I just wanted them to be KIND and HAVE A GOOD HEART. I don't feel like I get along with many girls because most of them are TOO CADDY or they are just TOO AGRESSIVE. I like to have fun like the rest of them, but I'm a bit more subdued.
BOYS on the other hand, I seem to get along with swimmingly. They seem to COMPLIMENT me or like to HAVE FUN with me. Most of them NEVER TRY TO HURT ME. The best part about boys is that they DON'T GOSSIP. It's so refreshing not hearing rumors and trash talk about others.
Let's go back to where I once came...
The culture of my people is a STRANGE ONE. At least that's what I've always believed. Don't get me wrong. I love that everyone seems HAPPY all the time, but when I see the other species around me, I see that we're the odd one's out more often than not. We living most of our lives IN HIDING, and many are taught or instinctively know at a young age that CURIOUSITY kills the cat. Or rather the fairy. It should be easy to follow such simple rules, but I seem to always find myself straying from them. It's probably why I've ended up a pet to a warlock.
Though I love living with Mark, I do miss FLYING into the large wild flower meadows. Also, I sometimes just wish I could see some of the ANIMALS that I grew up around. Some things just can't be substituted. I know he tries to make me happy, but some things can't be replaced.