That's actually a warning.

You see, homophobia is an actual thing. Are they scared of me? All of them are. It gets argued semantically time after time, but they fear me. They fear I'm going to bring the "destruction" of society. You know, like the times I wasn't advocating the destruction of Christianity, but listening to their piss-poor rhetoric and baseless assumptions has made me change my mind?

Paradox of Tolerance: I wrote about this at some other point, but you could check some links at Wiki-Wikipedia to understand this sentiment: I tolerate peeps who illegally kill Christians. I fight for tolerance.

Gays have been throwing around a pretty meaningless buzzword in "tolerance". Sadly enough, the Christians with piss-poor logic got so jealous that only "they" were "allowed" to use the buzzwords "bigot", "tolerance" and a few others that they thought it was in their best interests to reuse the same meaningless terms. God of Psychology says what?

The slippery slope fallacy that the "accepting" of homosexual marriage will bring forth acceptance of ***** marriage has pretty much just made me more tolerant of ***** than my old kill-them-all mentality. Same thing goes with rapists; it's like the more you keep saying I'm something that I'm not, it just further causes my "tolerance" of everything except you.

Up until 2011, I had a very "please help me, love me and give me the emotional stability to get a job" mentality. The further I listened to you, the more you justified my position to never work again. You had no tolerance of me. You were more than willing to throw me away. Why; because you don't love me, you love who you want me to be. You loved the idea of forcing me into being the same sorry-a** excuse of a whiny employee/employer like you are. If I didn't know how subjectively "hard" or "difficult" your "career" was that you consistently victimized yourself over, I wasn't good enough for you. I'm only good enough if I'm a tax-b***h like you are; too cowardly to make immediate change and kill the ones you hate because you somehow think killing the bad guys makes you look like the bad guy in some twisted sense of logic called, "don't be like them".

Well, guess what? No matter how many of them I kill, I never will be like them. I'm not the homophobic piece of s**t; you are for willing to keep them alive. All I hear is justification for you wanting to kill them, but you cop-out of it. You tolerate the killing of homosexuals so much in your own little head-games that you think you're worth something.

See, God of Psychology has another sentence for you: I'm not here to be the "good guy". See, I just called them the "bad guy" and I called me the "not-good guy". If you're the good guy, how come all you do is lose? How come you don't get the "Happy Ending"? You'll just rot away, obsessed with homosexuals like an autistic homosexual obsessed with killing Christians. God of Psycho-lol-ogy says what?

Will killing me bring you happiness? If you're that obsessed with it, will it? See, I know the death of Christ-babies will bring me closer to euphoria, but you're unhappy everyday. You may have a spouse, friends and children. Everything that makes peeps "perfect" in a false god's eyes, but you fear death. It's funny, you expect the suicidal one to do something else.

There's one compendium of sorts. You fawn over killers. You don't fawn over illegal killers, even though that's what you are, you fawn over those who kill in a presumed "self-defense" and the legalized genocide otherwise known as war. You're quick to argue the determination of who was the so-called "victim" in the Trayvon - Zimmerman case.

You see, that's what I've noticed about you peeps. That's why I want to bait you into coming here. You fear someone using the information of yourself found on the internet in order to kill you. I want you to come here. I want you to give me a chance to kill in "self-defense" so you can fawn over me and finally listen to everything I have to ******** say.

That's the thing, isn't it? Oh ho ho, do you get it now? You're so obsessed with the concept that the one who gets physically attacked first is somehow the "victim". If I go to kill this person, you'll claim I'm a "murderer", even though they deserved it, but if I get them to come attack me first, I'm the "good guy". I'm the best thing ever. I'm the "bad a**".

You'll circle-jerk around me like I'm some sort of... false idol. You'll come running to be my White Knight, despite how much you despise me, because I would have finally proven to you that I can kill someone outside of you claiming I'm bluffing 24/7. Your overpaid job will make you want to throw all your monies at the screen and worship me. The instantaneous news coverage; me looking so "heroic" and "just" and sublime... then the reality will happen. The country will find this "journal", and I would have won.

If you kill me, because I've not made myself pseudo-anonymous on this site, I'll be everywhere. If I kill you, self defense or otherwise, I'll be everywhere. If I kill myself; everywhere. Anything pertaining to my violent death or a death I've caused will cause you to obsess over my "psychology". You'll "study" what I've written and ask your brain-dead cohorts, "hurr durr, we don't know what caused this; how could we have prevented this?"

Simple answer; "Stop pretending to claim you care about me."