Even if they were able to accept you, would you really want to show them that part of yourself?
Because it is true that there is something within each individual that is shielded from others. We shield it because we are afraid of what others may say or think. We shield it because even though it is truly our identity we are constantly denying the simple possibility that we aren't as admirable or majestic as we make ourselves out to be.
Because it is so easy to walk around judging others and hating them for their mistakes, it is also so easy to walk around and forget that we aren't perfect.
Perfection is neither tangible nor attainable. And perhaps that very fact will make you weep.
No individual is as transparent as they make themselves out to be. Behind a smile could be the presence of sadness, behind a laugh... some pain and everything else in between.
Because it is so hard to notice what kinds of secret pains people have it is easy to misjudge them.
If you opened your heart, extended your hand or even if you opened your arms.. Slowly...Gradually.. You can learn about the shielded identity and you can nurture that person.
Nurturing someone... is perhaps the most selfless thing an individual can do. I've learned first hand that it gives you a new and fresh perspective on life and people.
To nurture means to love, to give, forgive and accept. It is completely giving yourself to that person--spiritually and emotionally. If you pray, that is nurture--to send good things One's way.
Not everyone can nurture though..we all have the potential to do so but not all possess the ability. Some are more kind while others are more cruel.
Whether it be a stranger or someone you know... try to learn something about them that is special.
People though, have a hard time opening up to others because trust can be betrayed so swiftly. It is important not to pry but to simply be there because that is part of Human Quality.
Even if they were to accept you, would you really want to show them that part of yourself?
Do not fear rejection because it will mean you have surpassed some people. To be alone--physically or mentally or emotionally is not always bad. It can mean that you are simply at different places in your life.
Some do not come to understand the importance of nurture or openness until old age when they are warning others.
If you are beyond others your age, dont panic. You're just ahead.
That part of you that you shield can be accepted without ridicule because that is part of Human Quality.