Guys, guys, guys! I'm back from my 5-6 month hiatus! biggrin (Actually, I've been back for about three weeks now, but anyways... >.> wink And holy cow, I have missed a bunch (R.I.P. Marketplace crying ). Since I have returned I have been trying to catch up on everything that went on while I was gone, and I have been trying to return to some of the goals I had been working towards when I left.

I'm happy to say that I finally finished my Amigo Taco goal, thanks to some really awesome donors, after working on it for about a year! 4laugh As of right now, I'm still continuing on working on leveling up in Alchemy. I'm now currently questing a variety of things including: toggles, pearls, bugs, inks, and fish (particularly balloonfish and jellies). 3nodding

Now, as for the cosplay avi's I was working on when I left... I'm currently putting a hold on working on them. Mainly because I'm still learning about all the new items I missed while I was gone, and I can't really use Tektek, considering how it's not really up-to-date. sweatdrop

Oh, and for those wondering why I left in the first place, I got busy, plain and simple. I started a Medical Assisting program back in January, and I've been crazy busy ever since. The only reason why I'm able to get on now is because I feel like I know how to manage my schedule a little better now. I now know when I can fit time in to relax and when I need to solely focus on school. Obviously, I'm going to focus on school more than Gaia when need be. rolleyes

Speaking of school, I gotta go and get ready for class! It was nice talking on here. Talk to you all later! Love you guys! heart