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To my companion, Brooke
B: 11/09/03 D: 6/15/14

Brooke was born on November 9th, 2003, she was a little, adorable, orange, fat, fluffy kitten who was in a litter of at least eight. She looked just like her mother, and had the personality of a spoiled only child to boot. My mother and father acquired her due to most of her brothers and sisters already being taken, and my father was under the impression that for some reason long haired cats were less prone to dander. I saw her shortly after we got her.

Despite the kitten originally being my mother's, I claimed her for myself. Of course, Brooke returned the favor by pissing on my bed... Yeah, that was a rather warm introduction. Still, she was my precious angel, she would lick my arm, face, and even hair in a lovingly affectionate manner. There was no cat I could compare to her, because she was one of a kind in my eyes.

She loved various kinds of food from cantaloupe, pumpkin, milk (she would always go crazy when we made coffee because she knew we'd bring the milk out), tuna, and anything that either had a meaty odor or was orange like her. My kitten was lazy, rather the archetypical manner of a cat, and enjoyed sleeping on me, my mother, my cousin, our laptops, or anything warm or she could fit her furry butt on.

Brooke loathed her fellow race, being an only cat in our household aside from Shadow who was a permanently outside cat. She took well to dogs though, especially Misty who we acquired from the pound at an early age a few months earlier than her.

Whenever she saw another cat, she would hiss, throw a fit, and run into my room. Same was true with any strangers, or less familiar acquaintances. I was always able to comfort her, I could call her out from under my bed, and she would always either give me a reassuring kiss or purr in my company.

In my worst times, she was there to be by my side, and remind me that I still had a friend. In my best of times, she was there to share in my joy. In a way, we were the same. She had anxiety and separation issues, as did I.

This year was hard for her, and sadly... she passed away on June 15th, 2014 at 11pm. The days that proceeded that, she was in a lot of pain, and her death was due to multiple organ failure from pancreatitis.

I'm still mourning her loss. She was my closest friend, and without her, I feel extremely alone. I'm happy that she's no longer suffering anymore.

Cats hide their diseases well, and when we finally notice their issues... it seems like they've already progressed a lot further than we should have allowed it. It still hurts, but I'm trying to cope with it by writing this, leave something behind for her. If no one reads this, I wouldn't mind. If someone does, and gets even a little comfort from it, then it might do some good.

Pets may live short lives, but the impact, and importance they live in their moment in being with us... it still remains. A mark. Their beautiful mark that only they have, their unique signature remains with us. There is no cat like the one we loved, but that's good. It means that they're one of a kind, and special to us. Irreplaceable, but significant and a gem unlike any other.

Every cat is like that, special and different. You will find a new friend, one that leaves their own special mark, and one that will be just as important in their own little way. You will love them for their individual characteristics, and your world will be bigger and more beautiful with them in it.

No matter how short the meeting, the impact of it will always remain with you. The love you feel will never fade, and you will always be loved even when they're gone.