In all honesty, I believe what was done in Infinity was nothing more but an affirmation of people. There was no intention of hurting anyone nor was there favortism given in that post.

I think everyone just over-reacted to the point of it escalating to uncontrollable proportions. Given that insight, I am not speaking out of personal bias because I was on the list. I am merely stating that the intention of the list was to proliferate politeness and a hospitable attitude in the thread. It was never meant to hurt anyone.
It should have been a factor to propel everyone to be nice and understand the purpose of why we were all present in the thread, "Giving" without wanting to receive.
Being selfless with gifts that come from the heart and not by intent of profit.

I am really saddened by the divide that has come about because of silly, immature and misunderstood reactions to something that should have been a model for better behaviour in the thread.

Also, I would never be one to boast what I have given or gotten. To me, all trades are fair regardless of how "EXPENSIVE" the items are. I never asked for any of it. I have never forced anyone to send me a specific item. All I ever did was add to my WL and for some unknown reason, people keep sending them to me.

Honestly, I feel bad when a WL item is sent to me because my words do not suffice for the gratitude I feel for taking the time to check my profile and actually do something about it. I was never to judge someone based on how their avi looks. I would always just give cause it made me feel nice; thinking if the item would look good on the avi, if the person would accept my love regardless of price, and all those things.

Sorry, I've kept my cool and my patience for far too long. I won't be so passive anymore.

-biased mode-
******** all your immature crap.
If you can't handle pixels and virtual reality, how can you expect to handle life itself?
If you're gonna make me your enemy, you're making one of the worst decisions of your life.
And, why are you trying to get people to understand your biased, immature side? Grow up for once and take responsibility for your acts. You are just a coward hiding behind your false sense of security.

If you want to comment, go ahead.