It had been a few weeks since she had disappeared from home. She hugged the muzzled of Reverend and pet his hair "You're a good boy, you know that?" she laughed as his lips nibbled on her bangs. She loved the affection he put into it to show that he wasn't going to hurt her but was being playful "Alright, I get it" she giggled, trying not to draw attention to herself. She went to one of the shops in the town over from her's. It was a fishermens' paradise and just where she needed to get rattier clothing so that she didn't stick out so much in town and such. She went over to a clothing vendor, "Hello" she said in her deepest voice, which made her sound like a young man.

The vendor perked up at having a new customer "Hello, hello, and welcome to my shop! How may I help you on this fine evening, young man?"

"I'm looking to fit in better and wondered if you had some better clothing that these?" she tugged at her shirt collar.

"Oh? So you are on the run? Then I have something you may wear. These came in just this morning" he pulled out shirts that were white, black and red and that was much less classy and less flashy than her black and white shiny coat and pants "I'll take all of those in that box for all of these" she laid out the clothing in her bag and the vendor looked shocked. For at the clothing then at her, "Are you sure that you want to trade these petty clothing for all of these nice materials?"

"Yes, I'm sure. If I could get some shoes as well, perhaps some pairs of boots, then that would be the end of our trade. Is that fair?" she asked. He kept looking at the clothing infront of him before he nodded to her "Y-Yes, of course! You may come back here any time and even get more clothing. These are worth more in this area, so you have credit in the store for more clothing or armour whenever you need it!" he smiled with a bellowing laugh.

She brightened up "Well thanks!" she perked up then got on her horse "I don't need any more right now but I'll be back later to get armour if I need it" she said then had Reverend trot down the road, wanting to go get a mean for him and her, plus a place to stay at night since she was absolutely tired of looking around for her father's men. Her neck her from looking everywhere. She knew their faces, all of them, unless he had hired new ones. She hadn't thought about that until just now and it made her heart pound even faster even though she didn't show it on the outside. Rule #1 in combat was always keep your cool, no matter the situation.

One of their butlers was from Beijing and he had taught her many things about combat and hot to fight with or without a weapon. Maybe he knew that one day she would leave? She smiled to herself since Hachi, her mentor, had been very kind and to her liking. She would have married him in a heart-beat if you parents had not had just sticks up their asses about it. He was young, foreign, and had been her personal body guard until her mother had caught them kissing one day when Rosemary had thought she had been gone to her weekly tea time with her friends.

Hachi had been demoted and banned from seeing her, but that hadn't stopped her. She may have lost sleep but it had been well worth it. Hachi had quit his job recently at her home to take care of his sick mother. She hadn't heard from him and likely knew that any letters he may have sent her were 'accidently' lost so that she couldn't have read them. She spotted the house she was looking for and got off of Reverend, tying his reins to a post and stroking his side "You behave" she said softly before knocking at the door...

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