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The Admiral.
One of the first times I really stepped away from black as the main color in an avatar. I still really enjoy this one.

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Blue Fire
Not actually designed by me, but by my friend Nile466. Looking back, it's missing something. Still a really cool avatar nonetheless.

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Little Red.
I found out that the Ravenwood Manor's "Bloody Message" pose apparently changes depending on your arm poses on accident while putting this one together.

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The Fawn
Another one that broke away from the mold. I wanted something less creepy and more cutesy/natural.

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Snow White
Probably my least favorite here. I just wanted a winter-themed avatar for the end of 2013. At first I liked it, but now it just seems off. Oh well.

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Velvetine's Rose
Somewhat of a celebration of me buying some of my most sought-after wishlist items. I'd wanted Pale Marionette since the day it came out, so to finally be able to own it (ooor the recolor, Ashen Marionette, really) was amazing.

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Dreary Nights
An avatar I whipped up on a whim while going through my items. I really wanted to use the eyes for something so I just started playing with what I had. The only item I actually had to buy for this outfit was the background.