"Are you ready?" Hikaru asked, poking his head into the bathroom. Kaoru glanced over at him from where he was standing in front of the double sinks and mirror, tying his tie. "Almost."
Kaoru was dressed in a navy business suit with a black tie. Hikaru wore the opposite, a black suit with navy tie.
The older twin leaned up against the doorframe, waiting. Kaoru straightened his tie, turning to him. "Done." He smiled.
Hikaru returned the smile, standing back up straight and holding his hand out to his twin. "Come~"
Kaoru walked up to him, taking his hand.

They left the room, heading out to the car waiting for them hand in hand.

"Here?" Kaoru asked as they stood outside a tall skyscraper in central Tokyo.
"Yes, yes." Hikaru placed his hand on the small of Kaoru's back, leading him inside and through the reception area and into an elevator, pressing down the button for the 50th floor, the top. Kaoru leaned against Hikaru as they quickly went up.

The doors opened to a ritzy restaurant decorated with golden vases of flowers. It had a feel almost similar to the host club, except there were giant windows looking out over the expanse of the city. They were quickly seated by one of the many windows, overlooking the the city. Kaoru looked out. "Wow... This is nice." He said, his eyes shifting down. He quickly looked back up out over the city. "And high."
Hikaru half smiled. "Mhmm." He looked down at the menu, deciding to go with the most expensive and foreign item.
"What are you getting?" Kaoru asked, looking at the menu.
Hikaru pointed to the text. "This one~"
"What... Is that?" Kaoru looked up at him blankly.
Hikaru shrugged, smiling. "No idea, but it's expensive, so it must be good."
"Ok, I'll get that too then." Kaoru grinned.

After they ordered, Hikaru reached his hand across the table, placing it over his twin's. Kaoru glanced over at him before returning his gaze to the city scape. The sun had just set and all the neon lights were beginning to flash below them. "It's really beautiful..." Kaoru said quietly, enthralled by the city lights.
"Not as beautiful as you." Hikaru smirked, being playful. Kaoru smiled, looking back over at his twin. "You can't say I'm beautiful, I'm a guy."
"I can though~ Because you are." Hikaru locked his eyes on Kaoru's, the mood changing to serious. Kaoru's cheeks flushed. "How can you say that so seriously..."
Hikaru squeezed his hand before pulling back. "Because it's you."
Kaoru rested his cheek on his palm, looking back out, trying to calm his fluttering heart.

For the rest of the evening, Hikaru kept the conversation light as they ate course after course. After paying, Hikaru stood up, offering his hand to Kaoru.
"Man... They give way too much food." Kaoru dropped his head, taking Hikaru's hand and standing up. "We'll walk a bit, so that will help."
Kaoru glanced over at him as they headed towards the elevator. "We're not going home?"
Hikaru hit the button to call the elevator. "Mmm... Nope." Hikaru smiled, turning to him as they waited. Kaoru looked at him blankly as the elevator doors opened. Hikaru pulled him inside, pressing the button for the bottom floor. Once the doors closed and they started the descent, Hikaru pulled him into his arms, holding him tight. "I love you..." He whispered.
Kaoru's cheeks flushed as he tried to push his twin off him. "Hikaru! There are probably cameras in this elevator! Don't..."
Hikaru pulled back, leaning up against the railing. "Who cares? I love you Kaoru, and I don't care~ I want to be with you and I don't care if that's wrong."
"Well the rest of the world still cares." Kaoru sighed, the doors opening.
Hikaru took his brother's hand again, leading him outside and out into the city.

They didn't stop walking until they were standing below a giant ferris wheel next to the river. Kaoru looked up, awe struck at the flashing neon lights. Hikaru looked over at him seeing the lights reflected in Kaoru's eyes. "Like it?"
"Yes! This is so..." Kaoru trailed off, not knowing how to explain what he wanted to say, he finally settled on 'Amazing'.

Hikaru grinned, leading him to the entrance. They were seated inside a gondola with no lights. Hikaru seated on one side with Kaoru on the opposite. As they began the assent, Kaoru stared outside. As they climbed higher, he held tightly to the bench, his knuckles turning white. "What's wrong?" Hikaru asked.
"Heights are kind of scary..."
"Stay there and don't freak out, ok?" Hikaru said, standing up, trying to be careful not to rock the gondola. Kaoru squeezed his eyes shut, holding onto the bench harder. Hikaru took a few quick steps, sliding next to Kaoru, the gondola rocking back and forth. "Aghhhh..." Kaoru quickly grabbed onto his brother.
Hikaru wrapped his arms around Kaoru, pulling him to his chest. "It's ok. We're not going to fall or anything."
"I know... It's just... Still..." Kaoru clenched the fabric of Hikaru's suit.
"It's ok." He repeated, moving a hand up and stroking his twin's hair. "Relax."
Suddenly the ferris wheel stopped once they were at the top. Hikaru looked out, you could see for miles and miles. It was like a sea of red, green, orange and pink lights. "Kaoru, look."
Kaoru reluctantly opened his eyes, looking out over the city. "Wow..." He softened his grip on Hikaru, enchanted once again.
Hikaru slid his fingers under his brother's chin, turning his face to his. Kaoru blinked, his cheeks flushing again. Hikaru leaned in closer until their lips met. Kaoru kissed him back reluctantly, still shaken. Hikaru rubbed his back, trying to help him relax as he kissed him again. Kaoru leaned into him, kissing back with more force. When they pulled apart, they were breathing hard. "It's ok because no one can see us..." Hikaru whispered. "Ok..." Kaoru agreed, laying his head on Hikaru's chest, looking back out over the city as the ferris wheel began to move again. They circled a few more times in silence, taking in the view.

"I love you, Hikaru." Kaoru said quietly. "I love you too." Hikaru answered, kissing the top of his twin's head.