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Obscure Productions
Creepy stories, poems, and little projects of a socially introverted insomniac
I think he likes you (Ticci x Rain) - Chapter 04
I think he likes you (Ticci Rain) - Chapter 04

Barry had left after their talk and Kaun was now alone in the over sized dollhouse once more. He wasn’t really sure what do for the moment; so he began humming sweet dreams are made of these, as he began wandering about the over sized house, seeing if there are any Intruders. Upon seeing none he blinked innocently 'guess people really don't bother with this place after all, good to know, now I can actually relax for once' the raven haired teen thought to him self. He calmly cracked his neck slightly, before stretching his arms up over his head, and headed towards one of the secret passages to head further into the depths of the house. Toby had almost forgotten just how far into the woods the other boy lived. However, upon finally reaching the clearing, the brunette had to grip his knees, panting to catch his breath from all the running. He coughed slightly as he looked at the house, before he calmly straightened up and walked up to the front door. “Heh heh, boy won’t He be surprised to see me, o, okay then l, let's see if he's home then sh, shall we?” the brunette told himself. Toby then snickered as he rubbed his hands together, to which he then reached for the doorknob. He took a firm hold of it gripping the metal doorknob in slight anticipation.

Toby had expected it to be locked as he turned it; expecting it to be locked, but it wasn’t even locked at all. This seemed strange to the brunette since it wasn’t like Kaun to forget; not with how severe his paranoia was. Though at the moment, that didn’t matter to Toby right now, as he casually entered the house with his hatchet in hand. He had to be alert and ready to attack, just in case a certain woman had somehow come back to the house, and the brunette wasn’t sure if he may need to fight her off. Kaun was busy in the upstairs study listening to his lullaby and working on some sketches, appearing to be almost bored. That was until he abruptly heard a noise, which caused him to instinctively place a hand over the music box to briefly silence it. He had to do this in order to listen better for any signs of intruders. He listened carefully for any sounds that seemed out of place, and upon hearing sounds of movement; he quickly closed the music box to silence it completely for the time being. He knew he wasn’t expecting company as far as he knew.

On instinct, he quickly grabbed his knives, sheathing one and gripped the other tightly in his gloved hand, as he then proceeded to sneak out of the office. As he reached the banister, the raven haired youth peered out over it, listening for sounds of movement, as his visible eye dimmed darkly towards the lower level. Toby glanced about finding it strange that he couldn’t seem to find raven haired youth, to which he paused and scratched his bandaged hand along his hood, as he then glanced about. “M, man, this place is like d, damn maze, how am I gonna find h, him?” he wondered aloud. Kaun didn’t see anyone from the banister, before he managed to head down the stairs and began checking the rooms as he passed them. “Ah well, g, guess he aint here…. Damn” Ticci Toby replied with a light shrug as he got ready to leave, but for some odd reason; he wound up heading into the kitchen instead, glancing about as he entered. He spotted a door that he didn’t recognize, and figured it was probably the door to the old cellar underneath the house. Curious as to what was down there, and hoping to run into the boy who lived here; he reached for the door to the basement cellar. Toby opened it and peered in, before seeing what seemed like nothing special, he steadied his grip on the handle of the hatchet, as he then proceeded to wander in.

Kaun paused; looking about him self cautiously, feeling very confused as he couldn’t understand what was going on. 'Maybe I’m just hearing things, but I could've sworn someone else was in here’ he thought to himself worriedly; as he turned to head back towards the stairs, he then proceeded to round the corner from inside the basement cellar. Only to suddenly be caught completely off guard; almost dropping his knife upon seeing Toby suddenly in the room, as Kaun was taken aback from the shock of seeing him. “T, Toby?! Wh, what are you Doing here?!” Kaun blurted out, as his cheeks turned a soft rosy shade. Toby hadn’t expected to suddenly see him inches away from him, and was taken aback for a moment, before he managed to calm down. As he remembered what he was told earlier, he looked at the other teen and grinned, shrugging playfully. “Ah n, nothin much just c, came by to ask you s, something” he spoke haphazardly. Kaun wasn’t expecting to see Toby soo soon; especially not when he had confessed to Barry, about having certain thoughts about the brunette. Kaun blinked before managing to arch a brow, calming down upon hearing the other boy’s statement. “Um okay? So….what is it?” he managed to ask.

Ticci Toby wasn’t really sure how to say it exactly, as he rubbed the back of neck, glancing away slightly. “Welllllll, I was just w, wondering if it was true, y, you know that you th, thought I was s, sexy is all” he managed to ask, casually glancing at Kaun out of the corner of his eye; curious to see how the boy would respond to that. Kaun was shocked by the question, completely unprepared for it, as it was evidently written on his pale face. “Wha?” he blurted out, nearly dropping his knife, feeling rather blindsided. How the hell did Toby find out? His mind started to go into a state of panic, as he tried to hide it from the other, in a mental sense of desperation. “Wh, where, b, but, how did you?!” he blurted out almost frantically; before he could stop himself, as his cheeks started to turn red. Toby had half expected the boy to causally deny it, but the poor raven haired boy was flustered as hell. Toby couldn’t help but think, that he kinda of liked seeing this reaction from him, as he then grinned deviously, plotting his fingers together snickering. “Ohhh, I see, heh heh, sooo it Is true then is it?” he coaxed mischievously.

Toby was certainly enjoying this…..sudden feeling of power that he had over the other boy, and was rather curious as to just how much, control over him, that he really had. Kaun swallowed nervously upon seeing the sinister grin as he blushed, his brows creasing together worriedly, as he absently stepped back. Kaun wasn’t sure he liked where this was going “u, um, wh, who told you I” Kaun stammered nervously. Toby couldn’t help himself but feel a bit excited, as his grin turned eviler chuckling, knowing there was only one real way to find out. “Wellll I, in that case… heh heh” he spoke teasingly. Kaun felt his heart racing; but he couldn’t tell if it was excitement or terror. Although at the moment, he had determined it to be terror, as he raised his hands up, backing up worriedly. “I, in case what? T, Toby?” he asked worriedly. Toby felt his heart race in excitement seeing the boy’s fear, as he felt a rush of adrenaline upon seeing the frightened look on the raven haired boy’s face, to which Toby suddenly lunged towards the raven haired youth; without any warning what so ever.

Kaun’s paranoia kicked into full gear, as Toby suddenly lunged at him. The raven haired boy yelped as he nearly fell back, though in a moment of panic, he managed to rear his foot up to protect himself; kicking Toby hard in the stomach. Kaun then scrambled to his feet, as he attempted to flee the deranged brunette; cursing in his breath at he ran. Toby staggered backwards slightly from the kick, but Ticci Toby couldn’t feel pain, one of the many of the “disorders” that he had. So Kaun’s kick to his abdomen area, though it had enough force and momentum, to almost knock Toby off balance, it didn’t hurt him in the slightest, as Toby soon snickered. Unfortunately for Kaun, the psychotic brunette wasn’t planning on taking it easy on him, as he saw him bolt out of the room, to which Toby smirked as he gripped the hatchet. “Heh heh, oh noo you d, don't, you’re not g, getting away from me that e, easilly Kaun, I'm not gonna h, hurt ya, Cmere!” he called after him, as the brunette proceeded to rush after him.

Kaun ran as fast as his legs could carry him, glancing back over his shoulder upon hearing Toby call out to him; as the brunette proceeded to chase him. Kaun glared defiantly over his shoulder as he ran “f*ck you, no!” Kaun protested, forgetting where he was running, before he then abruptly lost his balance. He tried to catch himself, but he tripped as his grip slipped, and soon to his horror, he wound up tumbling down the stairwell, hitting the bottom of it hard. Unlike Ticci Toby, Kaun of Rain wasn’t immune to the agony of pain. Kaun groaned weakly, wincing as he managed to lightly grip his head, feeling a splitting headache; though he hadn’t made a hard enough impact to actually crack his skull open, as he hissed a breath from the pain, cursing slightly. Toby heard the startled yelp and the commotion. He quickly followed it, to which he found the doorway, and looked into the room. His vision when straight ahead before t trailed down to the bottom of the stairwell, to which seeing the helpless raven haired boy, who clearly in pain.

Though instead of appearing to be concerned, Toby merely smirked upon appearing in the doorway, to which he then casually walked down the steps towards the injured boy. “W, would you r, relax?” Toby asked the other casually. Kaun glanced up seeing the brunette blocking any means of escape. “sh*t” Kaun of Rain cursed under his breath, as the raven haired boy winced, before he tried to drag himself backwards; in hopes to put some distance between the two of them. Toby calmly ignored the other boy’s sad attempt to escape him, as the brunette simply continued to walk towards him. The crazed brunette made his way over to the frantic dark haired youth, before standing over him frowning slightly. “K, Kaun seriously, r, relax w, would ya? B, Besides, if I was gonna k, kill you, don’t you th, think I'd have d, done it already?” Toby asked the now very injured boy. Once he was close enough to the other, Toby then kneeled down, before lifting Kaun’s chin with the dull part of the axe’s blade, giving the raven haired boy a playful smirk.

“You know, I n, never really noticed it until n, now, but I g, gotta admit, now that I’m l, looking up c, close” Toby began as his eyes closed halfway, to which he then leaned in closer; causing Kaun of Rain to only become even more flustered. “I’ve gotta a, admit, for a boy, I guess you a, are pretty cute, heh heh, e, especially right now, h, helpless is a g, good look for you” He spoke leaning in, to where their faces were only inches from one another. “E, especially around m, me” He coaxed deviously. Kaun gave a shaky breath, as a hurt look glimmered in his visible turquoise eye as he blushed. Kaun’s gaze averted trying not to look into the other boy’s eyes, though his gaze soon suddenly spotted the knife he had dropped from the fall, and instinctively tried to make a grab for it. Toby saw Kaun’s gaze avert and quickly realized it, as he then lightly tossed his hatchet aside, before quickly seizing and pinning down the boy’s wrists hard against the ground; using his knees to do so. “Kaun s, seriously, calm d, down, I’m not going to h, hurt you, I just…. N, need to know do you actually f, find me attractive….y, yes or no?” Toby explained calmly. Kaun felt confused seeing Toby cast aside his own weapon.

The brunette removed his shades setting them down, revealing his chocolate colored eyes, as he then stared searchingly at the dark haired boy’s face. Kaun blushed intensely as he slightly shivered. “T, Toby.... I, s, so what if I do?” Kaun stammered softly, which caused Toby to get an idea as he suddenly grinned at the other boy seductively. “Then quit f, fighting me” he told the boy calmly, causing Kaun to stop struggling and stare at him, seeming rather confused. Kaun’s brows creased upwards as he looked up at the brunette. Toby reached up towards his own face, as he then pulled down the turtleneck, to reveal his face completely, causing Kaun to blink confused, seeming to become even more flustered. “What? Wh, what're you talking abou-“ Kaun blurted out as Toby slid a hand onto the side of the boy’s face, but before Kaun could finish speaking, Ticci Toby leaned in, and pressed his mouth against Kaun’s. Kaun of Rain’s visible eye went wide in shock, he stiffened at first, blushing profusely, before allowing his eyes to drift closed. 'Toby…I don’t understand' Kaun thought as he finally relaxed.

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